FNM MP caught Juicin on da Beach? Breach of the Beach!


Condom wrappers found near the door of the government vehicle stuck in the sand on a beach at Treasure COVE!

MP red plate stuck on beach in Treasure Cove and had to sit in the sand overnight.

NASSAU| We keep telling yall Minnis Emergency Orders ain’t mean (blank) to some, especially if you are an FNM MP and given a red plate to drive around the capital.

Big day on New Providence in Treasure COVE when beaches are all closed to access for the general public, this Minnis government appointee accessed the private residence of the gated community and gets his vehicle stuck in the sand of the beach. Boy, I tell ya…You Can’t Make This Up!

Residents telephone the authorities after the vehicle sat an entire night under the moon [moonlighting under the stars]. Its driver is related to a high-ranking Cabinet Minister and a drop-dead beauty media executive. Boy, good thing those in the MIGHTY PUNCH didn’t see this!

The MP had to call for backup, as the lockdown curfew was about to kick in, and then fled the scene. The car, after whatever transpired earlier, had to be pulled from the sand by a tow truck.

BP’s powerful investigative team found several used condoms in the sand near the door of the vehicle.

PM Minnis should fire the MP for his breach of the BEACH ORDER! How could the people who set the rules be breaking them? AND THEY GAT BIG TIME POST!

PM MOST COMPETENT EVER has a decision to make!

We report yinner decide!