FNM must move forward with its present WINNABLE leadership team or face the music and enjoy a second term with a Christie PLP…..


FNM politicians/wannabes who cannot win a seat keeps attacking the FNM leadership

Women and youth vote collects strong to Minnis in Centreville.

Women and youth vote collects strong to Minnis in Centreville.

Nassau, Bahamas — Following Dr. Hubert Minnis’ decisive leadership decision to revoke the Senate appointment of John Bostwick, the knives within the organization have come from nowhere.

Assassins from out the bush are slinging daggers at the leader, in particular his hope that the firm and solid direction to change the FNM forever is not realized.

A Nassau Guardian column, believed to be written by the hand of the former leader and or those seeking to topple Dr. Minnis, made it clear that some FNMs in the Party want to remain in opposition for another five long years.

Interestingly, the Party factions forget that, before Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM was on the decline. They had lost the Election in Elizabeth. They had lost the 2012 General Elections. They had lost the North Abaco By-Election. The Party was deep in debt. Its former captain had abandoned the ship. The Chairman mysteriously died and in the end the FNM needed CHANGE!

Then came along Dr. Minnis who almost immediately raised the Party profile and changed things around.

Almost immediately, he addressed the Party’s financial crisis and stabilized the debts within the organization. Dr. Minnis also began reconnecting the FNM with its base support on the ground around the country. He began mobilizing youth and women back into the organization, and, by January 28th, he declared VICTORY for the Party – the first after three failed earlier attempts – in the No Vote Poll.

That Gaming vote was a defining moment. It proved that Dr. Hubert Minnis and his re-branded FNM could indeed win a general election against all odds.

But what is clearly happening now is what happened in the troubled 1970s with the FNM. That was a time when the Party could not stay stable and support its leadership. It put in Sir Cecil and then took him out and then brought him back. It tried Henry Bostwick Senior and then took him out over night. It attempted then another fella, and, before you knew it, the PLP was sailing through to another victory.

FNMs must defend the decisions of their leader. They must come out hard and rabid to affirm the new direction of the Party. They must STOP, CEASE AND DESIST THE INFIGHTING!

They must be prepared to move together as a pack – or break out into a divided Party and remain in opposition for a long time to come.

Dr. Hubert Minnis is by far the best choice for the FNM or, we assure the Party, Christie will be Prime Minister come 2017.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

We report yinner decide!