Letterwriter says: No need to increase the salaries of parliamentarians


Letter to the BP EDITOR,

The first thing I would like to point out is the fact that a president has been set in the Bahamas as if only doctors and lawyers are qualified to be members of Parliament. It is my personal belief, that ordinary educated people would do a much better job because they come in as a blank slate with no chip on their shoulder with just a heart of servant hood toward the people of the Bahamas.

I see no need to increase Parliamentarians salaries because most of them if not all of them come into parliament as Millionaires having either private practice in law, medical or some business venture and those who came into Parliament without that criteria always make sure they engage in a business venture (s) within their term in office ensuring that they leave with that criteria.

The next point I would like to make is the fact that they do not work every day, the job comes with perks, they make extra money under the table in relation to whatever portfolio their ministry comes under and another president is the fact that you could be exposed for ill gotten gain and still remain in parliament.

The Senate is not even necessary and is designed as payment for your effort as a failed candidate and the senators are also in the same category of people as was mentioned earlier also. Again I say there is no need to increase their salaries because that is only gravy, it is not as if they depend on the salary from parliament to live on so increasing their salaries would only be contributing to greed.

Derek B. Russell-Sr