FNM South and Central Eleuthera beat-up outside his “special female friend” home in Coral Harbour….

FNM MP for South and Central Eleuthera, Hank Johnson

Nassau| FNM MP for South and Central Eleuthera, Hank Johnson, has suffered a violent attack last week and was beaten up by his brother-in-law as he exited a home (believed to be his sweetheart’s residence) in Coral Harbour.

The brother-in-law, who is a Seventh Day Adventist pastor, showed just how “un-saved” he was as he planned the violence on the MP during the holy sabbath day (Saturday)! What is dis?!

And while blows were laid on the MP during the ungodly attack, Johnson’s wife was inside a vehicle of which her violent brother exited, cheering on the violence on her husband. Well what is this?

And while crime remains down across the country (according to Marvin Dames) no report on the matter has been filed with police.

BP does not support violence of any kind and we advise MP Johnson to file this incident to the police urgently. Johnson’s inlaws have a history of violence and from the looks of things the MP’s life could be in danger!

A word to the wise is sufficient!

We report yinner decide!