FNM Torchbearer President Moss returns!


Jamal Moss

Breaking News now coming into Bahamas Press confirm FNM Torchbearer President, Jamal Moss, was returned as President of the organization for a 4th term Wednesday night. BP is now on the ground in the election room on Mackey Street. Moss has beaten his nearest opponent 2 to 1.


  1. congrats jamal. i came prepared to vote for lashan but she showed no interest whatsoever in even putting in some last minute campaigning that is why changed my mine and voted for the other jamal. now i only voted for his slate beacause its best that he work along with his people and not the rest to get things moving  fast.

  2. Contrary to belief “Voter” we hold no all alliance to any political party.

    Bahamas Press/editor

  3. hey voter everything you said was sooo true,but i think you forgot to mentioned how Lashan Burrows didn’t even tell Jamal congratulations.Lady that is good observation..Bahamas youth i hope you enjoyed the beating lastnight at the polls lmaoCongrats Mr. President!!

  4. It was a historic moment in Torchbearers Election history for those who weren’t there  u surely missed out.The room was stack and last minute campaigns were taking place.Person brought their shirts,posters and everything what was needed to try convince persons to vote for them. Then the bell rang for voting time to take place for persons to cast their votes.All eyes and ears focus was on the President Position as well as the Executive Member because Jamal Moss right hand man Keith Major was running for Re-election .The contender Lashan Burrows sat in the back with her boyfriend and her family member while Jamal Moss sat with the voters laughing and having a good time while person were voting.Then after everybody voted for ALL the positions that were open,the officers of the party start reading of the results.Lashan held her boyfriend hand tight along with her friend, she started off good with a 5point lead  and then Jamal caught up with a tie then it was neck to neck from there.After 13votes Jamal was leaving her behind going into 27 votes then she caught up with24 then from there Jamal led the way leading up to the magic number for what he needed to win and he also surpass that number  delivering a crushing blow to Lashan burrows 45 to 25.Also what was so funny everybody knew the rest of Jamal supporters came late so they couldn’t vote cause if they did it would of been  determinant to her numbers.Now what made it so historic was that everyone who was on Jamal Moss team got voted  in giving there opponent crushing numbers.Many believe they numbers were up because of Jamal’s support.He won all the associations that they claimed they had and he grabbed all  individual votes  to go his way and split Killarney votes as well.I must say Jamal Moss campaign tactics was to sturdy for the other team to fight.Senoir members of the Party was there congratulating him telling him they are glad he is back in the chair as President.Congrats to Jamal Moss you have made us proud.No matter how they try to slander your name the people knew who they wanted and who they knew believed in them all year.Mr.Moss you may not be the party leader but your Torchbearers leader and your simply the best! Continue to stay focus! P.S LOL B.P I am shocked you put this out because alot of  young liberals didn’t want him in because he is to difficult to go head to head with

    • thanks for the blow by blow description I surely enjoyed it.Despite our differences politically do well for the Bahamas. 

  5. Bahamasyouth – You are making note of Jamal’s speaking and writing skills but you cannot even spell Congratulations correctly – there is no ‘d’ in that word. All the best Jamal. Make the association proud.

    • lolo lolo lolo my Lady leave bahamasyouth alone as he is still learning new words.I checked my keyboard and find that the D and T are far apart so he made no mistake but was just spelling the word as he pronounces it.lolo lolo

  6. Now Im not surprise Jamal won but I still feel the Lashan girl is more PRESIDENT material. Congradulations to Jamal… Just needs to work on his speaking skills and his writing skills. I would like to see more advertising and functions this year because the free national movement needs voters between the ages of 16 to 25 BY BIG NUMBERS to stay in office.

  7. Yes BP you certainly contributed to Moss Win ! and most importantly you was able to capture the attention of  Torchbearers throughout Nassau. They showcase themselves in such a way that it left alot for their Party to review and focus their youth arm in the direction it needs to go. The rambling was embarrassin to say the least.
    Congratulations Moss !!
    Now get to work mending fences and solidifying a Team which should include those that thought Not to support You. Keep your enemies close .. You get to know their every move.

  8. We endorsed no candidate, do remember that. We also congratulate Moss and wish him well. Do remember negative news can help a candidate.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

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