FNMs Appointed to boards advised PLP and dead appointees not notified?…WHAT IS THIS?


Picewell 'Socca' Forbes and the people of South and Central Andros abandoned by the PLP!

New Christie Government turns back on supporters…ON DAY ONE! – Leader of the Opposition Secretary Appointed Board Chairman

Nassau, Bahamas — Young Turks tell BP the days are numbered for the new PLP Government which was elected with a massive landslide on May 7th, 2012.

Members of the Party tell us, “We were on the same road to nowhere as in 2002. There is nothing different on the road ahead. Take a look at the recent board appointments and characters at play. Names that were known since Lynden Pindling became Premier in 1967 have resurfaced like holograms.”

Early decisions by the Christie Government could land it its first political defeat in North Abaco, which some generals tell us, “will be like a lamb to the slaughter.”

Meanwhile, Christie is proving by the day, that he has turned his back “BIG TIME” on loyal hardcore supporters all across the country.

Newly announced board members read like a recipe of disaster against the new government, with a constituency like South and Central Andros’ MP having no position whatsoever in the entire Christie-led government. Even Ron ‘Just reach from Cuba’ Pinder has a Chairman post over ‘Socca’ Forbes.

Dame Marguerite Pindling must intervene to stop the neglect by the PLP towards the South and Central Andros people.

The South and Central MP we understand was moved to tears after hearing the board appointments and packed his family up to spent the weekend in his constituency to seek comfort from the terrible news.

It’s Unbelievable!

“Lynden Pindling must be turning over in his grave this Independence. How could the PLP neglect South and Central Andros so? How could they leave us here in the backyard to die after years and years of loyal support to the PLP is beyond us. Not one Androsian sits in the entire Cabinet – We have no one to fight for us!” a Mangrove Cay resident said.

BP is calling on Dame Marguerite Pindling to intervene on behalf of the good people of South and Central Andros, who have been left abandoned by the Christie-led Government. Its area MP has not been given one position in the government and is on crutches financially.

Meanwhile, out of nowhere, ghost supporters [holograms] of the PLP’s past and hardcore FNMs have surfaced as key players in and around that ‘GOLD RUSH’ Government.

Barbara Donathan - Editor of Killarney News and special assistant to FNM Leader-elect Dr. Hubert Minnis now Chairs board announced by Perry Christie.

Bahamas Press is asking the Christie-Led PLP Government, “Who is Barbara Donathan and what is her relationship to the National Health Plan Scheme?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Here is a question not one PLP Cabinet Minister or MP can answer, because we believe the board appointment of Ms. Donathan was orchestrated by an FNM and key advisor to Mr. Christie who is still in the OPM calling the shots.

But there is more.

Donathan was named Chairman of the Pharmacy Council this week, a key post which serves as advisor to the National Drug Plan out of NIB. This decision by the new government must conclude; someone, surgically attached to the FNM and guided by Hubert, will control many decisions for the scheme.

And get this: Ms. Donathan is a personal secretary for Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis and is a branch executive for the Killarney Constituency, who plotted and schemed the plan to keep Sen. Jerome Gomez out of the House. And guess what? The Christie Government rewards her!

What kind a cannibalistic behaviour by the government is that!

The dangerous political henchman of Minnis [Donathan] is also associated with Nassau Agencies – a major drug distributor here in the Capital. Could this be a conflict to serve as regulator and distributor – a fact now being discussed by professionals who question whether investigations were done by the Christie Cabinet to examine the suitability of the selection.

It is unbelievable – And it gets worse!

While Jones Communications stood in a fiery baptism alongside raging heat of the battle for the new government, Wendal Jones’ media organization was also broadsided by the Christie government in the announcement of its board appointments.

Get this: the new Cabinet directed the announcements exclusively to The Nassau Guardian on Monday, shafting all other media players in the country – INCLUDING Bahamas Press! Unthinkable!

And some say we is dey friend! Yeah RIGHT!

Media houses were livid because of the late of delivery of the Board appointments list, came to others hours after the Guardian published its exclusive edition. Media Houses were left some wondering – INCLUDING THE EDITOR OF THIS WEBSITE – who in the hell could be advising Perry Christie and the quote: “New Generation of leaders” to make such a costly, damning political blunder!

Then there was the Independence bungle. The Party which echoed all along the campaign trail that it “believes” in young Bahamians and would “put them first” just could not find one among all its talented members to engage design services to produce a 39thAnniversary Independence Celebration ad to congratulate Bahamians on the landmark achievement. Now that’s incredible!

Indecision, indecisiveness and vacillation once again has a tight grip on the PLP!

The FNM, which did not stand with the majority of Bahamians in 1973 for Independence, was bold enough in 2012 to honour the achievement with advertisements plastered in publications all over the country.


Could it be that no one in an entire Government could have come up with the idea to thank the Bahamian people on Independence? WHAT A DISGRACE!

Boy all we say is, ‘If ya don’t laugh you will cry!’ PLPs must cannot sleep!

As one senior officer in the PLP puts it, “It is no question we are losing steam. The honeymoon has been over for us, and from the looks a things right now, we could only have four years left.”

BP warns the leadership of the PLP to brace themselves for it, because, from the looks a things, North Abaco is staying red!

We  report yinner decide!