FNMs in the newspapers discussing firing public service workers…


NASSAU| Crooked-ASS Robert Myers the scallywag, who was fined for defrauding The Customs Departments wants a Public Service DOWNSIZING!

The reject now being promoted by the DUTTY TERLET PAPER has argued that The Bahamas still needed to focus on generating sufficient private sector growth to absorb workers from a slimmed-down public sector.

“I’m not saying we should have a 20 percent cut back in the public sector workforce, or 30 percent cut in public sector pay,” he added

“We must make it a priority to shift five percent of that workforce into the private sector annually. There are too many people in the public sector, and that recurrent expenditure is killing is and we’re not getting the service from it. The larger the labour component, the less money we have to provide public services.”

There you have it! The defrauders of your tax dollars. The think-tankers of the FNM want you LOCKDOWN, HUNGRY, FIRED, AND JAILED!!!

Ahhh boy it does not get better than this – YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP!!!

We report yinner decide!

One of the vehicles Robert Myers defrauded Customs with!