FNMs scream Victimization, but look who claiming it? Da “Cockeyed Barber”!!!


Ingraham treated Bahamians like a Cockeyed Barber who ruins people hair

Kendal Wright and Vernea Grant dumped and victimized by the FNM before elections.

Nassau, Bahamas – If you knew behind the dark shades of an unsteady barber’s hand was a man whose eye was cocked, would you still let him cut your hair?

This was the selling point from the barber shop this week as jokes for days came from the chair of a famous Nassau barber shop.

The proprietor claimed Hubert Ingraham clipped Bahamians like that “Cockeyed Barber” described above and boy did not that shop bust out in laughter.

Perhaps only Bahamas Press remembers how only just before the May 7th General Elections the minions of the FNM were all over national radio, Facebook and social media calling Bahamians “UNGRATEFUL”!

The chant became even louder by those rejected by the people with some claiming that we the people, after all they [FNM] had done, were still prepared to fire Hubert Ingraham and the Free National Movement as the government of the day.

Some FNMs burst out crying because they could not take the cut [yinna know what we want say] from the Bahamian people.

PThe man who didn't believe in Bahamians failed to advised his successors to appoint a Shadow Minister for Labour. Ingraham left unemployement at its highest levels ever recorded. With unemployment among young Bahamians at 34% before leaving office.

Just after the elections were over, there were squeals from a woman on prescribed high-dose Prozac – screaming she had been “VICTIMIZED” by the new government. Then it was Johnlee Ferguson, the former chairman of the FNM! Then followed Ivoine Ingraham, the chairman wannabe and the former BTVI worker, who had a government car.

One by one after parading in they ‘dutty red’ just days before the general elections screaming the name “Papa” prostrating, pontificating, hallucinating, gyrating and shouting “NOBODY GREATER”, FNMs today sit in utter darkness trying to feel their way and adjust.

And while they kick, scream, holler and drop down on the floor like a two-year-old spoiled brat who want cuss he mah, members of the FNM still refuse to focus on the reasons why they lost.

They forget while Hubert Ingraham [The Cockeyed Barber] delivered a haircut and shave on the workers of this country, Government workers received the worst treatment in their history under the FNM.

Some FNMs forget how Customs, Immigration, Police were summarily fired by the “Cockeyed Barber” who went up and down the country telling Bahamians they need not apply.

Some FNMs forgot how Ingraham handcuffed justice when he jailed the Commissioner of Police reducing his service to a contract while crime and violence went unabated under the “Cockeyed Barber” [Ingraham’s] watch.

Some FNMs forgot how despite in law all casino licenses are held in the trust with the Hotel Corporation, the “Cockeyed Barber” dismantled that government agency and fired the workers like a ‘vicked’ pastor scattering the flock.

Some FNMs forget how in November 2010, more than 92 BCB workers were laid on the altar of sacrifice like lambs to the slaughter. FIRED BY THE FNM with no consideration for family. No consideration as to how the workers will feed their families and meet their obligations to children who were headed to school.

The “Cockeyed Barber” had no heart then! He and his government were determined to send Bahamians home and hire thousands of foreign nationals boasting of their massive collections on work permit fees!

Some FNMs forgot how VICTIMIZATION of Bahamians came when the Ingraham government decided to build an entire subdivision for illegal squatters in Mackey Yard and called it a “Regularization” exercise. Young Bahamian families had waited for homes for more than 10 years; yet, the illegal came first on “Cockeyed Barber’s” agenda.

How Wicked! How unjust!

Just look how they turned on Bahamians.

We cannot forget the massive tax increases poured on Bahamians night and day – year after year where taxes at the airport moved from $15 to $96 under the FNM. Where gas moved from $3 and change to a whopping $6 plus and change. Where light bills went from a 50% cut under the PLP to a 200% increase under the FNM and over 6,000 homes were disconnected from the grid! Where car imports rose from 55% to 85%. Where school fees increased and taxes were levied on schoolbooks, pencils, textbooks, and underclothes. The “Cockeyed Barber” and his FNM even had the nerve to tax the Holy Bible when they ran the country!


They mussy think we fool to forget what backside rape they put on us the Bahamian people.

They should be asking for forgiveness! Not all over the place exposing they breasts like some ‘jungaliss’ gone wild clip – screaming victimization!

After dropping the clippers and ‘gapping up’ the head of the Bahamas – look what the “Cockeyed Barber” and his minions are saying – “Yinner ungrateful nah!”

Boy all we could say is this; if you don’t laugh you will cry!

We report yinner decide!


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