Forensic Auditors looking into NIB must not pass other scandals that have surfaced since 2009


Mother Superior wants to defend the crooks at NIB! She cannot!

Nassau, Bahamas –– Bahamas Press finds it appalling when we see how quickly the attention with Cargill’s 397 page writ has taken wide precedent in the media.

When one peel through the pages they would discover that Cargill does not address that what is claimed by Board Chairman Greg Moss to be untrue, other than to suggest that he is no friend of Kenuth Knowles of Kenuths Electric. Now this is strange but we will get back to that on another day.

At length Cargill goes on a tirade against the Chairman after the Board caught his hands deep in the cookie jar of NIB.

But what is strange is this; if this was not all about politics and political leanings, why would the Tribune entertain someone who has such a shady record at the Board that they would go at length to defend the man who some believe pillaged and raped the nation’s social security arm.

Now get this. Since 2009 we at Bahamas Press have raised alarm to the public about the lavish spending – Fiji water drinking – Director of the National Insurance Board. We warned you about the thousands expended to one electrical company, which had sole electrical contracts to the tune of millions at NIB.

In 2010 while in opposition both Philip Brave Davis and Shane Gibson warned Parliament of wholesale corruption happening at NIB!

We brought you in late 2011 the scandal of Cargill’s brother who owned an apartment at Sandy Port which cost taxpayers $134,000 – an apartment that was unoccupied by the Board at the time of our revelation. But money was paid. We brought you the story of Porkey Dorsett.

As far back as Dec. 3rd – 2009 we asked the following questions to the NIB director:

* How did Porky get a contract without being current with NIB? Or better, who at the top of NIB or the government for that matter caused Porky to be paid for work he never did as the contract was cancelled?

* Did NIB intentionally use the people’s money so Porky can pay his debts with the Board?

Who allowed this?
And asked during that article – if Porky was current why did NIB not proceed with the contract?

Nothing was ever answered by the political directorate of the day nor was it responded to by the Director.

Tribune Publisher Eileen Carron is now defending Cargill - WHAT A DISGRACE!

On Dec. 4th –2009 we published where A- 1 Security firm owned by, Charlton Morley, was the company being paid $24,000 per month by NIB to watch the old Buena Vista building. Now imagine that, once a security officer working 12 hours a day and the company is PAID A WHOOPING $24,000 each month [$288,000 a year]. WHY?

In that article we asked:

* Who were the bidders for the security contract to secure the Buena Vista property?

* Did a Bidding process to indeed take place for securing the dilapidated abandoned building?

* How many security officers are now engaged at Buena Vista daily?

And what is dollar value of the entire contract to secure security for the Buena Vista property?

The answers to these fleet of questions never came and thus all this shadiness at NIB perhaps may now come to some conclusion and someone perhaps could got to jail for ‘thiefin da’ people money.

It is a shame though that the Tribune – one of the country’s oldest rag-sheet had nothing to say when these revelations surfaced, nor did they see it fit to defend Cargill at the time. But now that the shoe is on the other foot they are out with their horses and chariots!

Defending the crooks while the Bahamian people suffered year after year paying higher taxes to NIB!

What madness!

We report yinner decide!