Former corrupt Prince Hall Lodge’s Past Grand Master charged in the homicide of Jarvis Burrows on Exuma…

Jason Anderson, 5

NASSAU| The former police officer who shot and killed Jarvis Burrows on Exuma on Wednesday night was charged with manslaughter in the Magistrate’s Court this afternoon.

Jason Anderson, 52, of Stuart’s Exuma, was flown in to New Providence to face charges. We need everyone to watch this case closely.

We know the officer was off-duty. We know he had a weapon not issued by the RBPF. And from the video Anderson appears intoxicated. But get this: Anderson was a Past Grand Master at the corrupt Prince Hall Lodge!

Meanwhile Sgt Anderson was granted $15,000 bail in the Supreme Court. Earlier in the day he was charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of Jarvis Burrows in Exuma.

BP will have a special eye on this case!