Former EMR Art Teacher convicted of molesting boys set to be free in four months!


The bus has stopped to let Child Molester Andre Birbal off! He comes out in four months and there is no Sexual Offender’s Register still!

Convicted child molester Andre Birbal…

Nassau – BP is now learning that CONVICTED pedophile teacher Andre Birbal will now only have four more months in the Bahamas Department of Corrections.

Readers would remember how the art teacher was first convicted in 2011 on eight counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with two boys and was jailed for a total of 35 years.

He appealed the conviction and at a retrial in 2014 – when he faced charges against just one of the boys – and he was again found guilty and jailed for 28 years.

In his third retrial in the Court of Appeal, Birbal was resentenced to just 8 years for his crimes against two boys. This means, due to time served, he will be released in four months.

Will he be back in the classroom for September?

We report yinner decide!