Former GG grandson plead GUILTY on drug charge…

Scenes outside Magistrate Court complex.

Nassau| The 23-year-old son of former FNM Minister Dion Foulkes has been placed on probation after owning up to a drug charge.

Dion Foulkes Jr pleaded guilty to possession of drugs at his arraignment before Magistrate Samuel McKinney.

On November 17, police arrested Foulkes after they found an ounce of marijuana in his Cherokee Jeep.

McKinney placed Foulkes on probation for six months and ordered him to undergo drug treatment.

He will be eligible for an absolute discharge if he meets these conditions by July 28.

Meanwhile, FNMs told BP they didn’t know which son it was. As Ingraham would say, “chal please!”

The incident have yet to hit the newspapers which is busy on Cryptocurrencies.ah well!