Former Minister of State in Finance Zhivargo Laing resigns from the Senate effective Dec. 31st – Citing deep personal reasons for his decision.


FNM quickly rebuilding and restructuring – Laing has packed up like his Papa and left the FNM to fight for themselves!

Zhivargo Laing

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming out of the Free National Movement confirms Zhivargo Laing has resigned from the Senate effective December 31st, 2012.

The man who served as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance under Hubert Ingraham’s Administration made his decision following what he described as “deeply personal”.

Laing you would remember was at the center of several Scandals. From Mona Vie to bloated paychecks where he was paid more than his colleagues. Laing lost his seat in the Fort Charlotte Constituency after being chased by the people of Marco City.

The move has sent shockwaves across the country and confirms that Laing has finally decided to follow the way of the Church and stop lying.

In a statement issued to Bahamas Press Laing wrote:

“I wish to inform the public that my letter dated November 9th, 2012, I advised the Leader of the Opposition that after careful thought, I have decided not to remain in the Senate beyond the end of this year. As such, I will be tendering my resignation from the Senate and as Shadow Minister of Finance with effect from the 31st December, 2012. I sought to provide the leader with sufficient advance notice in order that he might have time enough to select a replacement. My decision to resign is deeply personal and in no way reflects upon the leader or my party, the Free National Movement. I fully expect that my life, going forward, will involve much travel and activities that will make it challenging for me to give the level of service to the senate that would be required.

“I thanked Dr. Minnis for reposing the trust he did in me to serve as a Free National Movement Senator even if for this brief while. I pledge to remain available to assist him and /or our FNM Party, wherever possible and wish him every success going forward. I will be delivering my letter of resignation to the President of the Senate in short order.

“I thank the Bahamian people and the public for its support and will continue to work where I can to advance the cause of the Bahamian people and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.”

What we find interesting is this, as Ingraham went so went all his spineless men who claim that are committed to people!

GOOD RIDDANCE!! We report yinner decide!