Former Minnisite Running Scared – WINTER IS COMING!


NASSAU| A former Minnisite, who abused his position at the head of a Corporation, is running scared and trying to drum up support from people he knows. 

The story broke when a popular newsman was heard hissing his teeth and throwing his phone in his computer bag when Caller ID revealed that the Minnisite was calling him. 

“Dis nigger ain’t answer his phone in four years and now he wants to call me,” the newsman said in his newsroom. The Minnisite disconnected the call and redialled just like the spoiled brat he is.  The whole newsroom started giggling and took great delight in the Minnisite’s determination and persistence in continuous calls. 

The news men and women laughed and laughed as they watched that phone light up over and over with the Minnisite’s desperate calls while the newsman ignored him. All calls went unanswered and after that the Minnisite took to texting. Still no answered. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?! DA MAN GONE CRAZY!!

While the bad boy Minnisite, known sometimes as “that boy” or “that child”, was in office, he terrorized his employees in the Corporation, causing some to resign. Some he randomly fired refusing to pay them their due. 

Just as powerstruck as his former mentor Minnis, the Minnisite finds himself in a sticky position that has landed in the hands of the Brave team. The Minnisite is set to be prosecuted for abusing his privileges at the Corporation. WHAT IS DIS!!??

BP reminds readers that this Minnisite was a newsman himself, so he is calling on his former colleague to bail him out of his mounting troubles, by putting all the supposed good works he did at the Corporation on TV.  

What he doesn’t know is that his nemesis is about to be appointed in the same position he had to vacate when the Lying King Minnis and his Merry Men were run out of office. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS!!?? TROUBLE COMING!

No TV expose can save that Minnisite from the beat down he is about to receive when all investigations are complete. When the new chairman sits in that seat and unravels the mysteries of secret deals, contract signings and mega land purchases, the sands of the hour glass shall run out for THAT BOY.  Even hiding in da Blue Hole won’t save him. 

When BP was on vacation last week, BP saw THAT BOY holed up on a Family Island he represents. Looks like he feels hanging there, outside of New Providence, can save him. BP is warning the LITTLE BOY that the LONG hand of the law can reach over oceans.  

What BP wants the public to know is that that Corporation was dead broke when, in early 2017, funding was sought and received by the Christie Administration for Family Island projects. What you saw THAT LITTLE BOY roll out over the past four years was already in place before he sat in that chairman’s chair. 

Don’t lie like your leader and take credit for what isn’t yours, LITTLE BOY. Sit small ’til your name call in Central and the handcuffs and shackles are clasped tightly on you. All wrong deeds will be punished and your day is coming QUICKLY!!! And BP will be live on the scene to report this one.