Former MP questions Ingraham Government

Pierre Dupuch

By Pierre V.L. Dupuch
September 14, 2010

I read in The Tribune this morning a headline which read: “Favourable assessment for Exuma dredging, excavation plans.”

It goes on to say that the plans call for dredging 8.8 acres of sea bed and excavate sand and rock at Bell Island in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

I will make no comment. I will, however, ask some questions:

Is this the Exuma Land and Sea Park that is the first of its kind in the world?

Is this dredging operation associated with the same man who just recently donated one million dollars to the Bahamas National Trust?

Is Earl Deveaux Minister of the Environment?

Is this dredging operation associated with the same man whose luxury helicopter was just recently flying the same Earl Deveaux around Exuma?

Was an environmental Impact study done of the area which they propose to dredge?

Who paid for the environmental impact study?

Just asking.

Pierre Dupuch


  1. Charles it is a shame that you can not honestly take a step back from the political side of Mr. Dupuch and realize his genuine concern is for OUR (the Bahamian people and generations to come) environment!

    It’s about time WE as a Bahamian people educate ourselves beyond the “”black crab syndrome.”” Staying on topic; Charles instead of taking the easy road and criticizing Mr. Pierre Dupuch (not PD – have some respect for your elders!) and challenge your ‘leader’ as you refer to him to do what is right by THE PEOPLE and generations to come (hence the reason we are a democracy).

    To reiterate my point; it is on the shoulders of our “leaders” and “us” (the people) to preserve the future of our country. Part of that future is our resources, a major one being the environment and more specifically our ocean. We have MUCH land to choose from throughout the islands, why destroy the sea beds? Everywhere else in the world is trying to PRESERVE these resources!

  2. Charles, who bungying you? The issues raised by PD has nothing to do with Perry or crying. It has to do with what our Government is allowing to happen to National Trust lands and our environment by people in bed with Government politicians. He asks some serious questions that needs to be addressed. If you don’t have an answer that makes sense, go wear a dress because it seems you have man issues.

  3. ok sorry for swearing bp, but this shi…. gets me mad, these wana be leaders who dont even know how to be a follower first…. remember leaders are chosen. so get the notion because of your name and family contribution u should be king, just ask Tommy, he is a wana be king, but NEVA. maybe pierre and tommy can start something LEADER AND DEPUTY of what? ok the Banna party for wana be’s

  4. Now Now Charles no swearing on BP. Address the issue at hand and stop attacking the messenger.


  5. come on pd, your time has come and past, remember how you made a fool of yourself in the run-up to the 2007 election, running all over the place crying wolf?
    you to old for this **** man, now you carying wolf again, i alway wonder why you so intensely hate papa and the FNM. keep crying maybe perry would give you a seat….or maybe you you can ask papa to give you earl’s job

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