Former PM Ingraham attempts to offer advice on things he himself failed to do when he was PM and Grand Bahama was on the decline!


Agent #1622 AKA “Da Bahamian Snitch” wants to speak on National Matters…WHY Ya think he would not discuss the BRIBE AT BEC with the faulty generators? Yall see how WICKED THE WUTLESS MEDIA IS!

Hubert Ingraham

Nassau – Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis decided to feature himself in his Wednesday Nassau Guardian column this week as he scolded the Minnis Government on its failures.

Now Ingraham decided to feature himself after we at BP said he was talking ASS in church during Phenton Neymour’s Official Funeral at Christ Church Cathedral last week. Ingraham spoke for PM Minnis, who boycotted the event as he and Neymour could not see eye to eye even in death. Boy PM Minnis ya cold!

Neymour called the Minnis Government’s audit report from the Water and Sewerage Corporation a string of lies and – on national radio – said that the contents of the report should be corrected.

Ingraham, however, in his Guardian piece that is done under the pen name of the editor, suggested that the Minnis Government should reconsider its decision on uniform assistance for the poor.

According to the Guardian, “Ingraham put his thoughts on Grand Bahama in writing after being asked by The Nassau Guardian whether he thinks it is a good idea for the government to buy the shuttered hotel.” [But he always wrote that piece appearing in the papers every Wednesday? Who they think they fooling?]

But, while the EX-PM wants the Minnis Government to buy the Port, the question should be why he didn’t buy the Port when he served as PM for 15 of the last 20 years as PM? Ingraham – WHO IS USED TO TALKING JACKASS-NESS – forgot he was in charge of the country when the Port Authority issues were at their worst! But he did absolutely nothing to have the matters resolved!

Hubert Ingraham presided as PM when the Princess doors closed and was at the head of the government when the virtual collapse of the Grand Bahamian economy spiral out of control. How ya think the PLP got elected in 2012, Mr. Ingraham? Or you thought we forgot? The Guardian might have forgotten – but not us!

And, if that wasn’t enough, PM Minnis suggested that Minnis reverse his decision on Social Services cuts. He claims, with the proliferation of the number houses, rising poverty forces the government to act to assist people. But what Ingraham fails to recall is that, when numbers were illegal and unregulated around the country, it was his government that almost doubled licenses of the illegal number operators. But he thinks we forgot! NO we didn’t but the Guardian did!

Hubert Ingraham should do this in the interest of the public: KEEP HIS DAMN ADVICE TO HIMSELF!

We report yinner decide!