Founder & CEO, Eeden Farms Bahamas and NIB Employee speaks at UB career symposium

Lincoln Deal II

NASSAU, The Bahamas — Lincoln Deal II, Founder & CEO, Eeden Farms Bahamas encouraged students to be open-minded to the “pivots” that may came their way as the world continues to change. 

Mr. Deal was speaking at the University of The Bahamas (UB) career symposium held at the Performing Arts Centre, October 18, 2022. 

Using himself as an example he said, “In high school, I dropped out of biology, never attempted chemistry and limped through physics before joining economics and my true passion business.” 

Mr. Deal said he told his teachers at the time that he did not see a future going into the direction of science, as he believed he was a salesman and a businessman.  “But years later, I never knew that I would be in agriculture using biology, chemistry and physics.” 

Mr. Deal also encouraged the students to think about going into agriculture, which would help set the country towards a path of food security and in turn lead to national security.  He added that another benefit would be fresher and more nutritious produce arriving at stores that are not over a month old. 

Plus, Mr. Deal advised the students that agriculture is no longer a career where people are digging and ploughing in the hot sun. He said science and technological innovations have helped the Eeden Farms Bahamas team create an enterprise allowing them to grow produce indigenous and non-indigenous to The Bahamas 365 days a year in shipping containers. 

In encouraging the students to think of expanding their career outlooks to his type of business, Mr. Deal explained that persons with a variety of educational backgrounds will be needed to help maintain and grow and sustain businesses such as his because of the technology that is involved. 

“We need to grow significantly more food using significantly less land, less water, less waste and less resources. 

Joining Mr. Deal were industry leaders enlightening students on future career paths.  This included professionals from the insurance industry, marketing and finance.