Fr. I. Ranfurly Brown is back in Court – this time after being attacked?


Rector of St. Agnes Anglican Church back in court after being attacked?

Nassau, Bahamas — An Anglican Church clergyman was back in court on Monday, this time on an assault charge against a man who is asking a magistrate for justice.

The drama unfolded in courtroom #10 of Magistrate Guillimina Archer.

Archdeacon Fr. I Ranfurly Brown appeared against a defendant who the priest claims attacked him while he was standing outside the residence of the wife of the man accused.

Now get this, according to court papers Fr. Brown was coming out of the home of the wife of the defendant late one evening when he was attacked. That’s the story according to the police report.

However, attorney Rodger Gomez Jr. argued that that is not how the story went against his client. Gomez told Magistrate Archer it was his client that was attacked by the Archdeacon after a row began outside the residence of the man’s wife in eastern New Providence.

Gomez further charged that his client filed a police report at the Elizabeth Police Station against Fr. Brown shortly after the incident occurred. He also noted the report filed  by the defendant was done long before Fr. Brown’s account of the incident was reported to police. Gomez pointed out his serious concerns to the magistrate, charging the Royal Bahamas Police Force of having conspired with Brown to bury the report filed by his client. The police, the court was told, have yet to produce the account of events signed by the defendant, apparently refusing to accommodate the complaint against Fr. Brown.

Lawyer for the defendant, Rodger Gomez Jr.

Gomez charged that the matter was the height of corruption, involving the Police and a Priest who should be the custodians of everything fair and decent in the society. He pointed out that what transpired was a shameful display of injustice, which infringed on the rights of his client who is the true victim in this ordeal.

As the fiery oratory delivery from Gomez Jr. got heated and transfixed the courtroom, Magistrate Archer interrupted to avoid further exposure of the details. She noted the concerns. Then the matter was adjourned.

The controversial Anglican priest appeared in a courtroom back in 2008 following an assault charge filed by a teenage girl. The incident was as a result of a church picnic on Nirvana Beach, where it was alleged Fr. Brown caught the “hot” young girl flirting with young teenage boys.

Brown allegedly pushed, slapped to the ground and then choked the teen following her refusal to move away from the area where the boys were. The girl testified how she and the Archdeacon then began to fight.  At the time, Father Brown’s attorney argued that there was no case to answer, as the forms had not been properly signed by the investigating officer, also claiming that there was no evidence to support the allegation.  The judge dismissed the charges.  At the time, Fr. Brown was represented by Anthony McKinney and Damien Gomez, first cousin of Rodger Gomez, Jr. who is representing the defendant in this latest matter.


  1. Rather than Father Brown fighting with this man, if he was anybody he would of ask this man to forgive , him and apologize for all the distress he caused him, but he is not going to do that. He don’t have no shame.

  2. Father Brown too scandalous man! This man’s name always mixed up with some kind of negative situation. To tell you the truth, I really dont trust him, I could see him playing around in that man’s things, he had no business fooling with it. I don’t know why he like that, people gone to him looking for help and thinking he was going to help them put their marriage back on the right track, but he gone right there and made matters worst for them and call himself a man of God. It’s a good thing God is not like man, otherwise he would of strike him down. He too slack! I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these pastors today, some of them doing the most damages.

  3. Fr Brown like to fool with other people things,he need to stop this foolishness making the anglican church look bad. Someone soon run him out of town.Stop it Fr Brown in the name of Jesus.

  4. He really need to do better. When the later Archdeacon was alive there was never such upheaval. There may have been issues in the church that involved church matters but never personal matters. I don’t attend St. Agnes but I don’t think the people of that church deserve a leader who is so self absorbed. I visited there one time and all he does is brow beat the entire sermon. No uplifting words. Only concerned about what people saying about him. From his days at Christ the King Fr. Brown just can’t keep his mouth shut. He’s too bigitty and loud mouth. He needs to be more humble in his demeanor. Preach the word but practice it.

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