Fred Mitchell responds to Loretta Butler Turner and Hubert Chipman‏

Hon. Fred Mitchell

Statement By Fred Mitchell
Minister Of Foreign Affairs

It is a great pity that the FNM and its leadership cannot recognize when they have lost an argument and lost a battle.  Their statements to the press about the matter of my conduct as Minister of Foreign Affairs are silly and shows that they are thick as molasses and living in cloud cuckoo land.

There is no nexus between my personal conduct and that of the events about which they complain with regard to the detainees.

In the matter of the visit to the United States , Ms. Butler’s comments are the usual propagandistic drivel from the FNM.

The real issue is this: the FNM must answer why it has linked arms with the enemies of The Bahamas against their own country in this matter of the detainees.

That is the only question that needs to  be answered.