Freedom of Press Under Attack? It was when Ingraham was in power…


Ivan Johnson must have forgotten how Hubert Ingraham dragged him before the courts to silenced him?


Nassau, Bahamas — Publisher of the mighty Punch claims the attack, which we believe was orchestrated by an employee this week, is an attack on the Freedom of the Press.

At last check Bahamians were still living in a democracy. Example: Prime Minister Christie is in London today, The Cabinet of the Bahamas met last week without him heading the meetings. The Courts are still functioning. And the House of Assembly met while Christie is halfway around the world. That’s real freedom there – sounds like a democracy to us.

What is indeed amazing is the fact that Ivan Johnson forgot how such editorial freedoms was viciously and ferociously attacked when Hubert Alexander Ingraham was Prime Minister.

The movements towards dictatorship were so rapid, it forced Branville McCartney to leave the Cabinet and the then-Government while they sat in power.

Perhaps the publisher of the Punch forgot how he and Jones and other media bosses were all dragged before the courts in hopes to intimidate their language against the outgoing now gone government!

And what was worse is the fact that some people like Louis Bacon – who financially supports the FNM  – allegedly took pleasure on behalf of the opposition to use his muscle and throw in court many media houses and personalities in hopes of censoring them and suppressing their rights to free speech. Where was the Punch then?

Or how about when, in an editorial in the Tribune, media places like Bahamas Press came under heavy attack for our no nonsense reports – The Tribune called for the censorship of the Internet and a banning and jailing of those who operate the website. Now that’s a threat to freedom.

Imagine that! A 100 year-old plus newspaper calling for the shutting down of the internet in the Bahamas. No Facebook, no Twitter, no BP. That was the commentary of real dictators – but the Punch had nothing to say then and Hubert Ingraham was Prime Minister of the Bahamas when it was written.


But now that newspapers are not being sold and online media is taking the market by storm and someone decided to throw a fake grenade in the front door of the Punch – the cameras have yet to show who – Freedom of the Press is under threat? Well, blow me down.

The Punch must be punch drunk this morning and cannot get over the fact that media in the Bahamas is as free as it has ever been. Democracy is alive and well. Belinda ‘Karuka’ Wilson was downtown protesting with her 10 members yesterday in Parliament Square. And then came the Taxi Drivers who all want their voices to be heard. And in the papers today their voices are loud and clear.

And so, because some angry staffer threw a $20 toy grenade into the door of the Punch, Freedom of the press is being question?

Like Ingraham would say: “Chile Please”!

We report yinner decide!