Friday 5th, February, 2010 By-Election date


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Nassau, Bahamas — Our sources in the Parliamentary Registration Department have confirmed to Bahamas Press the wheels of a by-election have already been set in motion. BP can now report the department has been ordered to began and prepare the registration process for a by-elections in Elizabeth. The election we now know will be held on FRIDAY 5th, FEBRUARY, 2010.

Ingraham who believes in ‘OBEAH’ is stacking his cards on his lucky number 7. This number was a sign to him in 1992 by an old lady in Dundas Town, Abaco, when she told him as he ran against Pindling, “IRON MEET IRON”.


  1. i seriously dont think that the people in Elizabeth would turn the cheek and vote FNM! not the whole constituency! its unhurd of! they show they,re loyalty to the party! they mite have gotten screwed with Mr. Adderly but they show that they are still devoted to the party. now here is the question! who does the people of the Elizabeth constituency wants! who is your NGC? who is your branch chairman? you should know who you would want by now Elizabeth! our bones would be dust in the grave before the BDP wins in Elizabeth or any other strong hold of the plp or fnm! just get on the ship BDP MEMBERS! the voting deligates put perry back because he,s the right man at the moment for the job.i voted for him at the convention! look how the fnm conducted they,re convention. ivoine,carl and johnley are all up in arms but what can they do? to exersize your constitutional rights is a blessing! atleast in the PLP

  2. I dont  know what the chairman of the PLP is saying about  not running in the the Elizabeth bye election. He must have forget about 20 years ago the bye election in Marco City. The canidate for the than FNM had to/steal  or tief  client money in order to run his campaign. So our leader have no other choice but to run again his best friend in order to  save face.   PLP stop pussyfooting around and get the people ready for dis bye election

  3. Please tell me what leader would go against the people who put him there?…. WHAT leader would go on national radio without any REMORSE and say he went out the way to put Adderley back as the rep. in Elizabeth. HE HAS NO SHAME… CHRISTIE HAS NO SHAME…. HE should sit down and be SHAME. And its funny that all the PLP’s breaking up and nervous. Bradley Roberts who I have plenty respect for talking FOOLISHNESS about this Hubert Ingraham fault. OK lol…… OK THATS NICE BUT IT STILL DONT show that PERRY CHRISTIE Cares about us in this area. I say in a respectful manner that as long as Christie is heading this WATLESS party I will no longer support or give pitty for the PLP.  Its very STUPID and HURTFULL that now that Malcom want go that the PLP who voted for him is upset. THEY SHOULD NOT BE UPSET they stupid for voting for him in the first place so KARMA a BEE.

  4. Elizabeth is PLP town, the question that need to be asked is how much vote the PLP will win by. If the PLP win a huge amount (more than 700) than they will win 2012. If they win less 200 the FNM will won 2012, but if the PLP win between 200 and 700 votes than 2012 will be a toss up

      • In the 2007 general elections 300+ registered voters did not vote.  In a supposed PLP strong hold, were those 300+ voters who did not vote protesting the  MP, the PLP, or its leadership? Remember the PLP was the incumbent party. The only thing that has changed since that election vs this bye-election are the candidates.  This bye-election is the PLP’s to lose.  Mark my word, if the PLP wins, the 2012 general elections will be a repeat of 2007 (unless HI or PC becomes seriously ill or croaks), with the same two dinosaurs running as leaders. If the FNM wins in Elizabeth, both Christie & Ingraham will be gone by the time the next general elections roll around.  Remember what HI stated to PC after the last elections: When he leaves, he will be taking Christie with him!!!!

  5. If the PLP was to contest this seat  if a bi-election is called  and they lost, you can be assured that PCs political career is over… Lets face it, what does the PLP have to gain by winning this seat????  PCs walking on thin ice right now, his best bet is to cower in that little corner of  his just as he has done for the past  2 1/2  years  and ride this one out…. Hopefully, somewhere within the next  2  1/2  yrs. HI will slit up and the people would call upon the PLP again….. JOKES…..  dream on PC, dream on.  

    • Actually, I think that this bi-election will mean the end of Christie’s political career.  If the PLP runs, they will loose and that would trigger a revolt within the party for Christies removal.  If they don’t run it would have the same effect.  What’s most interesting is if Christie doesn’t lead the PLP in the next GE, Ingraham would probably yeild to the next generation of FNM leaders. (Laing vs. Davis 2012!!)

  6. We have less than 2 more years til a general election..what could the good people of Elizabeth could gain from a FNM OR PLP represenative…they the electorate should screw over..or tell the two big machinary to stick it, and elect an INDEPENDANT canidate…or send a loud message..What more can they lose…they kept quiet under Malcom Adderley`s tenure…..and he did`nt bring anything to the table. Like i said what can they really lose…the general election is right around the corner….just food for thought.

  7. Red is the colour for 2010!! FNM will win the by election and Christie will retire, then just maybe the colour will change to yellow!!

  8. @ Ash….. YOUR right…. Malcolm did turn his back among us in ELIZABETH. But one must remember it was NOT ONLY HIM…. It was perry Christie too. In 2002 he campaigned and won because he made plenty promises but after elections HE WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Im not lieing not exaggerating he was no where to be found. FROM 2002 to 2007 HE WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND…. ABSENT while his administration was in his office.  NOW in 2007 elections we was expecting to see a new candidate running for the PLP…. BUT PERRY CHRISTIE didnt care… HE DONT CARE….. He let Malcom stayed there when we said he dont do nothing.  Malcom won by 40 or so votes…… NOT AGAIN DOE but if they show me that their representative is someone who could be TRUSTED then Ill vote yella dis bi-elections. But as perry Christie as leader dat look like a DUD.

    • i must agree with you too also B.YOUTH but we as party supporters must exercize our rights as supporters. they tell us its up to us on who we want as our candidate pryor to an election! but do they honor us that priveledge? i think not in most cases! the candidates committee, most of them did,nt think that Mr.ADDERLY should have gotten that second chance in 2007! but our leader Mr christie as nice as he is spoke up for Mr adderly! now its haunting our party. but hopefully in this bi election we would retain Elizabeth. perry is trying. all traitors are surfacing and hanging themselv,es for the upcoming election 2012

  9. raynard had alot of  time as chairman, do you really think he is ready for that big step? the good people of elizabeth should decide or have some say in it! seeing that Mr Adderly turned his back on the people of elizabeth. real democracy is for the people to decide! but the candidates committee will have some say also. ryan pinder,s name was in the air also dont forget

  10. @ heans you talking sense….. THE PLP needs people like Raynard Rigby. No NONSENSE, RESPECTFUL, YOUNG people. It looks like Im sticking RED this lap again. I rather see HUBERT A. INGRAHAM as PM again instead of Christie.

  11. I thought 10 (ten) was the Obeah number.
    This is good exercise for both Parties to align their machinery.
    PLP should run Raynard Rigby and gice him two years to prove himself, he seems to have potential and not as much “paper and powder” as the other names floating. That would be a ” Wake-Up” for the PLP. I think the FNM will take this easy but to have both machines at work will be good for democracy.

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