FNM agrees for Malcolm to go to the Bench



Prime Minister led to the stage at R.M Bailey Park. [file photo]

Nassau, Bahamas: The Free National Movement respects the personal decision made by Malcolm Adderley, the Member of Parliament for the Elizabeth Constituency, to sever his political affiliation with the Opposition PLP. Such a decision is not lightly made and obviously must reflect a deeply thought-out personal determination on his part.

The Free National Movement does not have the benefit of knowing the inmost reasons behind Mr. Adderley’s resignation from the PLP.

malcolm-adderleyHowever, one has only to read and consider the vilification and bile which was spewed in the hysterical PLP press response to venture a guess as to why Mr. Adderley, and perhaps others, may no longer want to be associated with what that organization has become under the leadership of Perry Christie and Bradley Roberts.

The Free National Movement thanks Mr. Adderley for agreeing to continue to serve the Bahamian people as Chairman of the Gaming Board after the 2007 general elections.

We understand that Mr. Adderley is willing to continue in the service of his country as a Justice of the Supreme Court, a position for which he is well qualified, especially at a time when there is urgent need for qualified Bahamian judges willing to serve. If that is so, we highly commend him.

We note that he has previously served in this position in an acting capacity while his political persuasion was well known.


  1. “Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.” What a joke! If it was another country I would probably buy into that statement, but not in this country, especially after what happened with that John Travolta extortion trial involving a former Senator and a blabbermouth MP.

  2. media i agree but again, who is speaking out on this?? Okay you, yes, and the PLP press release team  (who writes those speeches by way – is it DD)…where is the leader and deputy leader on this…isn’t this a serious enuff matter to warrant their attention; their review; their action; their comments? my God, why do these people make it so obvious that they only use politics for their own selfish reasons??? maybe bcos we continuiously vote for it hey…but alas, pussycat purrs and scratches and licks and yawns and goes slumbers back to sleep while malcolm is treated as if his gonads are made of gold…tsk, tsk…just another day in the bahamas…ok, i go now.

  3. This response by the FNM PARTY is interesting. The release says, “We understand that Mr. Adderley is willing to continue in the service of his country as a Justice of the Supreme Court, a position for which he is well qualified…”

    This press statement confirms the FNM Party is now intensely involved in the appointment of Justices serving on the Bench.

    When the Bench is loaded by former government employees and FNM politicians, who will hear cases against the government? THIS IS A SERIOUS , SERIOUS MATTER.

    Justice must not only be done it must be seen to be done! We have never in the history of this country ever seen a political party comment on a judicial appointment. HOW LOW will we go?


    Bahamas Press/Editor

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