Trustees of the PLP want Christie to Resign



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Nassau, Bahamas — ‘Ohhhhhhhhhh they scared dey scared the FNM comin’ that is now the cry following the resignation of Elizabeth MP, Malcolm Adderley, from the Progressive Liberal Party over the weekend.

Now to readers of Bahamas Press this is no new news. We told you so. We did NOT take any holiday break. And while members of the WUTLESS Media were following Santa Claus, Shopping, Talking Junkanoo and shaking they self up on Bay Street, your Bahamas Press was deep on the ground following Hubert Ingraham, Aaron ‘Kiki’ Knowles, Roy Burke and Alphonso Elliott as they combed through the constituency of Elizabeth. The group found a new partner to join them in the ride, the soon to be seated MP for Elizabeth, Dr. Dwane Sands.

Bahamas Press, the Bahamian AP wire service, was the first media to tell the public a by-election was imminent. We were the first to report Malcolm Adderley will resign. We told you Turncoat and former PLP MP was headed to be a judge in the Supreme Court bench. And we outlined the power play by Hubert Ingraham and the FNM for 2010. After one month in hibernation the WUTLESS MEDIA in the Bahamas has finally awoken and yes, they’re reporting one-month-old news, AGAIN!Sand in

Bahamas Press can now report to you that a delegation within the PLP has formed to call on Perry Christie to GO! The group we understand are sick and tired of the WUTLESS LATE AGAIN practices of the PLP leader who delivered the party into an election defeat in 2007.

Sources close to the committee said, “Had Christie rid the PLP of windbags like Malcolm, we would not be in this predicament today. Christie has been silent on every issue facing the people of this country. He’s been pin shut on the Malcolm’s defiance since 2007. And he has done nothing to ready the party as promised since the October 2009 convention.

“We have now come to the conclusion that this situation has embarrassed the organization before the nation once again, and the time for Change within our Party is now. If no once can see it, we’re sure Stevie Wonder can.”

The PLP trustee who wishes to remain anonymous added, “The time is ripe for the PLP’s new Deputy Leader, Mr. Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, to now step forward and assume control of the Party. We have a lame duck, vision-less, lazy, speechless, Guy Fawkes who claims to assume the title as leader, but is mute! We need someone to step forward Like Davis, who had the gall and put a countdown on Adderley. I mean in one weekend, Brave Davis put instant fear in that lousy scoundrel MP for Elizabeth. Davis smoked him out of his Bin Laden cave. Davis did in one week what Christie couldn’t do in almost 3 years.

Bahamas Press can confirm a battle between Christie and Davis camps in the PLP are beginning to temper and the jostling to move Davis into the leadership post in the PLP have already began.



The new face of leadership in the PLP at the centre and seated, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis


  1. Am back and glad to iknow that I have been missed.The PLP just held convention and the LEADER was returned overwhelmingly so you haters must now follow the view of the majority.If Adderley is to maintain any credibility he better just remain an Independent or switch to the FNM completely. The Judiciary is supposed to operate independently of the Govt so any deals must not be accepted as outlined in the letter of C Greene.Hats off to the new Chairman and Deputy Leader who are just doing the jobs of their respective offices.The PLP is not a one man party like the dysfunctional FNM but unfortunately many ill advised pundits want to make both political parties one man shows.I cant wait for Malcolm to speak in Parliament on the 7/01/10 before I comment further.I have been one who did not feel he should have been nominated by the PLP to run in the 2007 Gen Elects but his side won out.Christie was in his corner so this bull… about him not receiving Christies support flies in the face of decency. 

  2. Mr. Adderley should be opposed by every member of the Bar association. Perry Christie should be made to resign from the PlP asap. He is a weak, spineless who is being held hostage by Hubert Ingraham and others who know that he is less than a man and little more than a sissy. That’s why they call him pussycat!

  3. Boy, PC sure looks battered and bruised in this photo…. BP,  leave my PC  alone or i ga tell Papa!  LOL…  BP you had it right all along. 

  4. Bahamaspress,
    it is my opinion that base on the behaviour Mr. Malcolm Adderley
    that every effort should be made to block his appointment as a Supreme
    Court Judge.

    I have evaluated that he is not a person that is up-front, above board and
    can be trusted . As Bahamians we accept these behaviours as no problem
    but Mr. Adderley has left a very troubling condition as it relates to his

    Can he be trusted to make fair and contrite decisions as it relates to our
    people and the country in general?

    Much must be evaluted before he is made a Judge. We do know what he
    has agreed to.

    C. Greene

  5. But didn’t they just have CONVENTION?  What is it that Trustees know about Christie now that they didn’t know then?  Man the PLP is one big joke! they can NOT be serious about governing this country.  These are tough times and the country can ill-afford weak leadership and a confused party at the helm.

  6. Mr Adderly was put in a safe spot in elizabeth. but it appears only if he wants a pension! did he speak to the people that put him there?

  7. that gud for the Pussycat he weak and visionless. I voted PLP in 2007 and will not do it again in 2012. “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Pussycat you are the blame, you must go and go now in Jesus Name GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. In may 07… Papa said at a rally… when da plp’s come knockin on ya door and offer ya turker, offer ya new fridge and stove, offer ya money, offer ya scholarship…. TO TAKE IT…. DONT BE NO FOOL TAKE IT. See what you cud get out of em’ but come may 2nd VOTE RED for FNM. And The people surely did do that. Its not PAPA fault dat Malcom Greedy and is a opportunist…. PERRY GLADESTONE CHRISTIE shouldve learned his lesson in 02 to 07 he didnt so I GIVE ADDERLEY all d right to do what he did to Christie. TOO STUPID AND WEAK.

  9. @ die hardyou sound selfish like malcolm all about you what else can the public do for you and yours .you have no qualms about the politicization of the have no scrouples no shame. Its not what you do its how you do it. mr adderley is a decent fellow he should have made his feelings known and took a principled stand not this cloak and dagger tactics with the assisstance of Pappa and the boys… get that

    • no i am not selfish and not a fan of malcolm but the facts speak for themselves…while malcolm sat and disrepected the PLP all of this time, did anyone in the leadership of the PLP do anything about his behaviour – NO!!! rather, they sat while malcolm sat…only difference was/is, malcolm had A CLEAR VISION AND A PLAN…lol – he didn’t hide a thing. now suddenly the PLP leadership acting like they spring into action or something…total foolishness…this is BAHAMIAN politics and trust me, while i don’t like it, this is the nonsense we vote for and accept…i have accepted it (don’t plan on votin anymore though) and will sit and watch and laff while these big gray men goosey each other without even using vaseline…BOL… now take that and give Russell Johnson some while u at it!!!!

      • vat you wan me gee russell when you gat it all haha so you sayin because we have bad governance you forgo your right to choose the canidate of your choice. chief if ya dont stand fah sumtin you will fall for anything. wether you are for pappa(H.A.I) and the boys or the quiet one(P.C) please vote and not for party for people who talkin sense the ship sinking you done sound like you ga jump instead of bailing water to save the ss bahamas be counted dont be sidelined

  10. the money and power in the PLP r worse than the leader as they helped to put him back there… now they want him to go – really now…no, they are just as lazy and visionless as the leader…just hangin around and waiting on election to be won but don’t want to do the work to get the job done…malcolm adderley is brilliant. he sat and said nothing but DID a lot…his doing has caused him to get everything and more that he wanted 1. mp seat 2. mp pension 3. judgeship 4. judge pension 5. Knighted Sir Malcolm…lol…brave een force a ting. take dat!

  11. Time for Perry and Bradley to go. BJ and Paul was right. now they will see what they were saying. PC is asleep at the wheel and are those that voted for him.

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