Funeral Home burnt to the ground while body being prepared for burial was inside…


Funeral Home owner says body inside is safe, but others say all they see was ashes… What in the hell is dis?

Steel coffins lift inside cooked...

Someone was being prepared for burial this week.

Owner Matthew Sweeting says it is arson. We hope no body he knew prepared the place for burial.

Nassau, Bahamas — The owner of Commonwealth Funeral Home on the East West Highway got a call at home last night from the fire department telling him that his establishment was engulfed with flames.

Matthew Sweeting told the media when he arrived the building was gone.

Now get this: Some family members of a loved one were having their relative prepared for burial at the establishment. Sweeting says he was able to save the body, but we wonder how truthful that was because, with the chemicals inside, it is near impossible to enter an engulfed building with flames.

Sweeting says police told him the building caught fire outside from the garage area and, because it started outside, it was arson. Inside was completely destroyed.

Insurance adjusters met with the owner today to go over the plans to rebuild. All we say is this: I would not want to be the family member of the body left inside cause, trust me, all hell was ga break loose.

We report yinner decide!