Gal stabs male friend on Carmichael Road Saturday morning

Man shot by alleged ex-boyfriend of woman in car still recovering but cannot speak...

Nassau, Bahamas — Some gals just ain’t having it these days and from what we see some are arming themselves with protection! This weekend was another violent bloody weekend where big row lead to another attempted murder!

According to reports, shortly after 2:00am on Saturday 26th September 2015, a man became involved in an argument with a female friend on Carmichael Road that resulted in him being stabbed to the body. The young woman turn into “Chuckita”, and went violent on her friend; almost putting him in the morgue. The victim was rushed to hospital where he remains in stable condition.

What is the problem now? The young gal now must know that story ain’t end there.

BP will be waiting and watching to see how this ends.

We report yinner decide!