Gaming Board Secretary orders staff to return to work without anyone being tested for Covid19!

New Gaming Board Secretary Ian Tynes.

NASSAU| Gaming Board Secretary Ian Tynes has ordered staff at Centreville House to report to work on Tuesday (Tomorrow).

The news comes after a senior director tested postive for Covid19.

Now just like Hubert Minnis Secretary Tynes has ordered the workers to return to work after failing to test any of the staff at the office for Covid19 to avoid community spread.

Some inspectors move between properties and casino houses on Paradise Island which are filled with positive Covid19 cases.

The senior director who is positive works on the second floor and has moved throughout the office space making contact with staff before knowing she come down with the virus.

She, last week, was soliciting sponsors for her son. This was the same week when she tested positive. Some 90% of the persons in the building would of been exposed as they had direct contact with her.

She is believed to have caught the virus from her son who also came down with Covid19 at a school in the capital.

Did Secretary Tynes following the PM lead and is not allowing testing? Why is staff being forced back in a building that is already full mold?

Meanwhile, BP puts the question: When will the Financial Controller and Legal Counsel at the Gaming Board return to work?

The Financial Controller have not been in office since October 2020 and collects a big salary every month! IS THERE ANOTHER JOB THEY ARE ON?

Meanwhile, the legal counsel only comes in to use the office copy machine to make copies of her daughter’s school assignments and homework. WHAT IS DIS?

The Secretary Ian Tynes is afraid of both of them as they run the board.

We report yinner decide…