UPDATE: Garrison discovered not far from Anna Nicole’s former residence


garrison-body<<< The body of Anna Michelle Garrison being recovered less than three miles from the home of the late actress Anna Nicole. Photo by www.Bahamaspress.com

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Nassau, Bahamas — She was discovered just three miles from the former residence of American star the late Anna Nicole. Anna Michelle Garrison, a West Palm Beach resident, we now know was living in with a Bahamian family at the time of her disappearance.

Bahamian police on the island at a press conference told reporters yesterday, that they will now charge a 21 year-old Bahamian in this investigation, and will call on the Federal Bureau of Investigations [FBI] to assist in searching for another, who they believe has fled the country, and is possibly back in the United States.2435993

The decomposing body of Garrison, 33, was found in Nassau near Fox Hill Road. Police said Garrison’s feet were found wrapped in plastic and her body in a sheet when she was discovered around 6pm on Saturday. It is believed she was killed and then dumped along the roadside between Friday and Saturday.

Officers also told reporters that Garrison was reportedly missing back in February 25th of this year, and a report of her missing was made by the United States Embassy office. At the time it was said that Garrison may be in the company of a Bahamian male. She was last seen alive in January. The victim was identified by a tattoo on her back, however, police did not say who identified the 39th murdered victim.

Bahamas Press in increasingly concerned about this SLAUGHTER OF GUEST AND CITIZENS NOW UNDERWAY IN THE BAHAMAS! In April of this year members of the WUTLESS judiciary released some 205 harden criminal from HR Majesty’s Prisons. Some of those released had already committed murders and were being held for another. Upon our release of the names along with photos, Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest, called for an investigation into who released the ‘Classified Document’ to Bahamas Press.

It turned up that his witch-hunt was fruitless! We predicted then, the country must be prepared to drown in a sea of innocent blood due to the actions by the government. An Appeal Court judge also ordered two of the persons released on bail to be remanded back in HMP, because of their serious criminal records. That justice questioned how can persons be released without consideration being given to their record? And in the same breathe, defended the rights of accused persons. Today, since that mass exodus of criminals, almost every 20 hours in a country with just over 300,000 people, someone is discovered dead somewhere. And now GUESTS ARE NOT SAFE IN THIS TOURIST DESTINATION!

And if this trend continues, it is highly possible the US State Department will issue a travel advisory on The Bahamas.

This surge of violence across the country first surfaced its ugly head under the first Ingraham government. Back then, the country saw the slaughter of British and American visitors. After the deaths of a Briton, Joanne Clarke, and an American, Lori Fogleman, the country’s global murder fame reached a new high. Both were tourist found murdered on Paradise back in August 1998.

ingraham4aThe then Bahamian Chief Forensic Investigator and Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham [inset], was all over the crime scene looking for evidence, and offered a 300,000 pounds reward for the capture of the suspect[s]. He taunted that a Bahamian played no part in the victims’ deaths; even before the evidence can be collected. His pride and joy Atlantis was under construction you see. We must wonder where is Ingraham now?

In The Bahamas, the blood of hundreds is now crying from the earth. They are in death screaming for Change! Today an American voice is being added to the chorus. Her name is Anna Michelle Garrison.

WE NEED CHANGE Bahamas! And no more of the SAME!


  1. The island is only 7 miles wide therefore any place could be 3 miles away from anywhere. I really dont see the corolation between this woman and where Anna Nicole lived. Lets stop graping as straws it is bad enough it happened.

  2. Well Kevin when I mentioned about the island being dangerous u didnt seem too concerned—considering Chgo is alot bigger than the 300,000 u have there–disturbing.

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