Governing PLP Party Candidate in Carmichael will be rejected at the polls BBB Analytics polls confirm…


Desmond Bannister shall claim the Southern Seat of Carmichael in the upcoming elections…

Sen. HON. Keith Bell and former Minister for Education Desmond Bannister.

Nassau, Bahamas – BBB Analytics can now project that a second once PLP held seat in the Southern corridor of New Providence, will be lost by the Governing Party in the upcoming General Elections.

Bahamas Press will now confirm that poling data in the Constituency of Carmichael, now being canvassed by PLP Senator Hon. Keith Bell and opposition former Cabinet Minister Desmond Bannister, confirms that the seat is not in the PLP column of safe seats.

Over the past week we polled some 300 respondents within the community of Carmichael’s registered voters. In the majority, they indicated they favoured Mr Bannister as MP for the area.

The survey of 300 likely voters was conducted on March 11-15, 2017 by BBB Analytics. It is pegged within a margin of sampling error of +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Fieldwork concluded that 57% of likely voters would cast their ballots for the Free National Movement candidate Desmond Bannister, leaving only 37% suggesting that they will support the Progressive Liberal Party candidate for the area Sen. BELL. Surprisingly, only 4% of those polled said they will support an independent or third party and another 2% said they were undecided or rejected all.

Now this is incredible because it confirms that in this election, particularly in the polled constituency, third party and independent forces do not apply any sway with the electorate and this could mean that their numbers will not seriously impact voters in the upcoming elections.

Carmichael, you would remember, was delivered into the hands of PLP Cabinet Minister Dr. Danny Johnson in 2012, who completely abandoned the constituency and neglected key generals in the area. He got run and was replaced by current Minister of State in the Ministry for National Security Senator Bell.

The news of these numbers must be unsettling for the Christie Government, especially following a massive gathering for the Free National Movement on Grand Bahama over the weekend.

BP warned the PLP that a huge gathering on Grand Bahama could spell trouble for the party and defeat in the upcoming elections…

We report yinner decide!