Government frustrates motorists with more road closures as school soon reopens


Neko Grant Minister with responsibility for Works.

Nassau, Bahamas — There will be more road rage created on the streets of the capital as the Ministry of Public Works announced plans to close more roadways in an already congested situation.

This coming week the department announced more closures during the week of the opening of schools. Some private school will reopen creating more confusion, frustration and chaos on the streets. WHEN WILL José Cartellone Construction Company complete ONE, ONLY ONE CORRIDOR FOR THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE?

For one solid year they were making repairs to the East Street South and Pinewood Gardens zone. We cry shame on the company for creating such a mess on our roadways.


East Street (south), Zion and Bamboo Boulevards

The Ministry of Public Works & Transport wishes to advise the public effective Wednesday – 25 August to Thursday – 26 August 2010, temporary road closures and traffic diversions will be implemented on sections of East Street, Zion Boulevard and Bamboo Boulevard to allow pavement works between the hours of 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

We kindly ask that motorists follow and observe the traffic management scheme and diversions in place.

Motorists travelling in the following directions should divert to the specified route:


* Motorists travelling northbound should use VALENCIA DRIVE, ANTONIO DRIVE and VICTORIA BOULEVARD as an alternate route and continue on East Street (south) to their destination.

*Motorists travelling southbound should use VICTORIA BOUEVARD, ANTONIO DRIVE and VALENCIA DRIVE as an alternate and continue on East Street (south) to their destination.


*Motorists travelling east or westbound should use ANTONIO DRIVE & VICTORIA BLVD as an alternate.


*Motorists travelling east or westbound on should use THATCH PALM AVENUE and SAPODILLA AVENUE as an alternate route and continue on East Street to their destination.

Motorists and pedestrians are advised to avoid this area during peak hours as the final pavement works on the mentioned streets will be ongoing.

The Ministry of Public Works & Transport takes this opportunity to thank the public for their continued support and patience during the roadworks and apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused by this closure and request that the public use the alternate routes provided.

We look forward to your full cooperation and encourage the driving public to exercise caution when travelling in the area during this phase of the road works.


  1. I agree with Newsman, Mr. Dean where do you live?, the Govt. waste money on New Providence roads at the expense of the out islands that should get more of those funds, where is the help and jobs for Grand Bahama, the island that actually got them elected, GB got SWUNG!, Mr. Dean where do you live?, this country in going down the drain, and the puppet masters seem to not care, again the black man has never ran this country, he has only governed it on face value, at the behest of the oligarchy in this country, let’s stop kidding ourselves, I am not here to agree with BP, but there is some mch garbage going on in our Bahamas and you can’t be that delusional not to see it, but seriously Mr. Dean where do you live?.

  2. Mr. Dean. I believe we must live in 2 different countries, I do however reside in the Bahamas, Nassau to be exact. This place is going down hill faster and faster, there is no shining light at the end of the tunnel, things are just getting worse.

    This place is basically lawless, and a lawless society will never get better. Whether or not someone cares is not even the issue, although it would seem more dont care than do. The issue is what are they doing about it, the answer, nothing. Do you honestly think building a new road is going to fix all the problems we have here, clean the streets and communities of crime and garbage, and how about fixing the existing roads we have, bay street for one? Even when they do this road work, its done half backwards and then they have to dig it up again. Buddy, this country is third world, its time other Bahamians faced up to those facts.

  3. Keep reading Willard Keep READING! We report and you decide. Perhaps your getting senile and this is the only outlet to treat your disability.


  4. BP is as it is a national JOKE. I am still laughing at how BP just likes to try to destory the character of people who he dislikes. Those he likes he tries to make kings and queens, I am still wondering why I even make comments. Or, I am getting old now and have made my contributions to this country. I never sold drugs, never disrespected the law or disobeyed any of them, I paid my staff well and fair, I pay and still I am paying my bills, I employed Bahamians and contributed to this country.

    Now that I have passed my business on to my children I sat in the sunshine of my life with a good sense of the direction our country is going, not all is well but there is light ahead.

    BP, I do enjoy your news, But I was hoping to let you know that all of our leaders care, my question to you is what do you care about other then spreading lies and hate.

    God Bless you and your readers.

  5. Additionally newsman, if you cannot finish on intersection in over a year, WHY IN THE HELL YOU WANT START 8 more? That’s what ya call WUTLESS JACKASS ROAD MANAGEMENT!

    Who managing all this waste in public money?


  6. No im with BP on this one .. there was no need to spend all that money on saunders beach to begin with, and to have MAIN roads closed on a busy friday and in rush hour is just madness, imagine what it will be like when school starts. The problem is they dont plan around here. I cant comment on the closures listed above but I know I was stuck in gridlock on West bay street due to that mess at Saunders beach, then went farrington road and got met with a detour not even half way down which ended up in 45 minutes or so just paddling in traffic through one side road. And again, I drove ALL OVER NASSAU today from east to west and didnt see one traffic cop on the job. Doesnt matter if its the PLP or the FNM these things will always be done half backward here, its how things are done in the Bahamas, never properly.

    • Traffic Cop newsman? Man this is one JACKASS SOCIETY WE LIVING IN HERE?

      I telephoned the police station [911] the other day while driving in the South to tell them we were in hot pursuit of a speeding UNLICENSED black Nissan with two occupants who was knocking and hitting every car in its way on the BUSY Carmichael Road.

      I told them the direction of the car. You think the police reached yet? NOT one police patrol was on the entire Carmichael Road strip.

      All that smoke and mirrors about new cars and bikes is just one load a SPIN!

      And BP hates SPIN!

      Boy, we need CHANGE!


    • BP, don’t get so touchy when you are called out on misleading headlines. Your anti-government agenda is clear and I don’t really fault you for that – it is what it is. At least I know where you stand. But this headline should have read “Government Progressing Steadily With Road Works – Necessary Road Closures Frustrates Motorists”. Reality is, motorists need to factor these construction projects into their commutes and plan accordingly. This is how a mature people deal with development. All of this whinning about inconveniences in the middle of construction is really childish and gets us nowhere.

      • Eagle, don’t tell BP how to transcribe our articles. We are an independent new organization. THIS IS NOT ZNS! Go write headlines for them not us.


        • Oops!! Well, excuse me!! “Independent” does not translate to “irrational”, my friend. If you decided to do a complete makeover of your kitchen, you will have to necessarily forego many conveniences until it is completed – you have to eat out, no running water at some point, workmen tools all over the place, etc. But once completed, you have a more functional kitchen of which you are proud. MAJOR ROAD IMPROVEMENTS CANNOT BE DONE WITHOUT ROAD CLOSURES. PERIOD. Government is not closing roads to frustrate motorists, they are closing roads to complete the works. As frustrating as it is, I think most people understand this.

  7. yeah they had detours on farrington road today in the middle of rush hour traffic .. i sat in traffic trying to get to jfk for at least 45 minutes!!

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