Government runs out of money and now is rightsizing staff- BCB terminated the serves of several contract workers today!


NASSAU| BP is confirming the terminations of several Broadcasting Corporation employees today.

From information just confirmed contract workers have been relieved of their duties at the BCB which included technicians, announcers and clerical staff.

The Cabinet source told BP, “We have no choice but begin a rightsizing exercise at the BCB to trim our budgets for the longterm.”

Another source also confirm that some permanent staff could also be given pink slips in a wider rightsizing exercise by the Minnis government.

In September Mr. Fred Gottleib was appointed Chairman of the BCB to downsize the corporation.

The Minnis Government has borrowed more money in three years than the 25 years of the Christie and Ingraham administrations. Some $5.1 BILLION has been borrowed by this Government with nothing to show.

We report yinner decide!