Government Worker Abuses ‘RED PLATE’ policy Campaigning in ‘Lizzy’



An FNM goon on Trinidad Ave. unloading scores of FNM party t-shirt with $100 bills in the collar on the road. The worker steps out of a government owned vehicle is caught distributing to residents in the community.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is appalled at the low level Hubert Ingraham will go to steal a by-election in Elizabeth. You would remember we at Bahamas Press were the first to tell you about the BIG GOVERNMENT CONTRACT deliver to FNM goon Floyd Wilmott in December. Wilmott was paid by the treasury of the Bahamas $800,000 to begin work on the new facility at Sandilands. The contact is $8.6 million for a building almost 50% completed.

The money we all know is now being used in the Elizabeth by-election. Government vehicles have been deployed in the constituency to campaign for the Ingraham FNM government. This is incredible news.

You would remember we told you Bahamas Press have agents 24 hours on the ground in ‘Lizzy’ and look what we’ve discovered. Riding along Trinidad Ave. in Elizabeth Estates your Bahamas Press came across a government vehicle driven by an FNM supporter handing out t-shits in the community. This is indeed appalling. How could government workers find the brazen arrogant attitude in themselves to take a government red plate and engage constituents as they campaign in the community?

Didn’t Hubert Ingraham order a ban on the use of government vehicles on weekends? Didn’t the PM order this would not continue? Well, how is it this vehicle license plate # 3087? What ARROGANCE and disrespect for the people of this country.

Hubert Ingraham himself has shown respect by driving in ‘Lizzy’ in his private vehicle. The Chief Justice has shown his respect by drive up in ‘Lizzy’ in his private vehicle. BUT who in the hell could this ARROGANT BAFFOON BE?

They have NO SHAME! They are SHAMELESS MEN AND WOMEN all over the place screwing the public over and abusing the TRUST of the people in the most reckless manner. We say they should be terminated with immediate effect from the public service! We know who the driver is but we shall wait to see if the government will come clean on this one.

They forget the police need cars to fight all this crime! We say they have NO SHAME! They are SHAMELESS MEN AND WOMEN!

Residents in ‘Lizzy’ told BP, “The next time we see this they will take the car which is the asset of the people!”



A government vehicle being tailed by BP in Lizzy over the weekend. Its driver a government employee was caught hauling and distributing FNM t-shirts out of the car on Trinidad Ave. near the Elizabeth Park in the area. WHAT ABUSE! WHAT ARROGANCE! WE NEED CHANGE!


  1. Wel, Well, Well, where can i send my photos that i took during the last election with red plated outside Ron Pinder marathon headquarters?

    • Did you email it to us? Why didn’t you report it to the press? When will you learn you have to talk what ya see?


  2. BP, Hubert is not using his private vehicle. I saw him stuck in traffic in front of the PLP HQ on Prince Charles while hundreds of PLPs were partying and he got mad and turned on the siren. He was driving and Dr. Ronnie Knowles was in the passenger seat and it was the black Ford Explorer that is registered to the Royal Bahamas Police Force. I know because I went right up to the jeep and saw the registration. Even Papa doing it so what do you expect from these low ranking flunkies. Expose them all.

  3. Ok, If your vote is only value a Hundred Dollars, then take the money and suffer the consequences later, that’s all.  Don’t complain after you finish spending it, because a Hundred Dollars can only go so far.  Oh my people when will we learn?

  4. Still ain’t right, Sexy T.  It makes a mockery out of the Civil Service.  They work for the people, not for any political party.  Even though I think they should have the right, in their private capacity, to align themselves to any political party and to campaign if they choose, they cannot do so in their capacity as Civil Servants. Thus: park the cars!

  5. Well during the last campain I personally stood in cue at the PLP Headquarters throur Quakoo st. And was Given 100.00 folded in a T-shirt haded to me by trevor Whylly who isntructed me to open the shirt carefully. Imediatelly after that I went and informed all my friends and coworkers and they rushed to collect thieirs as well.   so I say to all Take the money and run…Every election I travell with all parties shirts and goocy them all, take their money, eat their food, drink thier rum and still vote FNM….But this election coming I am not so Sue…This time I really consider myself THE NEXT SWING VOTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. well nah wait. whats this about hundred dollar bill in the shirts? well what happen to my F****** money. cuz i got shirts from couple parties an ain a dollar in one of them. so tell that fnm truck to try hard come back through this corner and bring my money. cuz i wann it. and i gatta lmao at this picture because it seems as tho someon who was riding behind the govt car in that motorcade took that pic. so someone within the fnm camp set this thing up. lmao. well they mussy ain get they hundred dollars yet either. lol. and these ppl gat lizzy for partyin grounds man, fnm, plp even cassius been on the back of truck blastin the tunes all at the same time. i suprise fight ain done break out around here.  but dr sands u need to come back throught the northern side of trinidad avenue and bring some of them “special” shirts cuz ine get mine yet. and ine markin no x until i get my shirt.

  7. This is a funny sight. I am a supporter of the PLP, and, I saw this many times in the area. But, I also see government plates at the PLP rallies. They might be doin the same thing.Let’s be real about this. When we were in power there were people in government vehicles who helped with the campaign. Let’s not make the the young voters think that the FNM’s are doing what the PLP’s never did. They are all from the same cloth. We are a small nation. Politics can be seen and heard everywhere in this little country. We must be careful what we say and do. I remember when the FNM said that crime was a PLP problem. In fact, Mrs. Pratt was the problem. It wasn’t fixed. Now I hope the PLP doesn’t promise the people they will make a change. It’s not that easy.Education is getting ‘wusssssser’ every day. Let’s deal with real problems.And on that point, the PLP lost the last election because of their pr team. Focused tooo much on salt and pepper and not the issues. The young voters want to hear real issues. Not petty  politics. Let’s wake up Bahamas, let’s wake up PLP’s.Ane we all know how the Prime Minister is. So, let’s not focus on the small things. Let’s focus on bigger things. We have more pressing issues to deal with in this country.Immigration, crime, education, and the economy.Ask the Prime minister to show us how any one of those problems are better since the FNM came to office?

    • Listen if you see it at the BDM rally, SEND US THE PICTURES! We don’t care who it is we will publish the care, the plate and the individual. What in the hell government plates doing in LIZZY? Even the PM has enough since and don’t practise that. PARK THEM CARS OWNED BY THE PEOPLE!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

      • I agree with BP on this one.  It’s a no-brainer, man!  Government cars should not be used to facilitate the activities of political parties, period!  There is absolutely no excuse for this, and if it is true (I have no way of telling by the pictures, and BP does make up stories from time to time), they must put a stop to it.

    • Let‘s be real, how our Prime Minister chose to conducts himself should not be consider as a minor issue. He is representing us as a people and you have young people idolizing him, so let’s not forget that. Yes we know how he is and that does not make what he does acceptable. You were making so much sense until you refer to the Prime Minister’s behaviour as a small issue.

  8. No, no this is not the way to go! It these same people who are sitting on their porches and standing on the side of the road with their voter’s card in their hands and looking for a handout that has this country in the predicament it in right now. This is probably one of the reasons why Papa doesn’t have any respect for the Bahamian people as it is. Stop prostituting yourselves and having these politicians believing you all are a bunch of hypocrites with no principles. The money they are squandering on the streets to buy your votes could be used to do something positive for the country, which would be beneficial to improving lives for all Bahamians. Do not look at the short term reward; look at the long term benefits. Yes, it is a hundred dollars you might be able to purchase a new pair of tennis with or something else, but how long will it last you? Show these politicians you are not looking at the short term reward and you are a man or woman of principles and you are not for sale. This is the only way things would ever get better for this country, if people stop prostituting themselves. When they come to you give them your list of things you want them to work on and if they could make some things happen or get their parties to work on making some things on your list a reality, that’s the candidate I will be willing to vote for. These politicians need to do something for us, where we don’t have to be sitting down every election waiting on their handouts. They should not be buying our votes if their intentions are sincere and true at heart, they are just using you to gain power and to promote their own agendas, while you can’t afford to take care of yourselves and your families. They have been doing this to us for years and now it is time for us to try and learn from our past mistakes.

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