Gov’t. Decision at ZNS ‘Heartless and Insensitive’ Gibson Says

MP for Golden Gates, Shane Gibson

19TH September 2010

The decision of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas to lay off 93 people at this time is both heartless and insensitive. What is this Government thinking of?  In the middle of the worst recession in the history of our country, brought on in part by the government’s policy of stop, review and cancel and its budget of tax and pain, the government is now leading the way in laying people off.

It is of particular concern that the entire Northern Service of the Corporation stands to be closed.  That would be a slap in the face to the Grand Bahama, Abaco, Bimini and Berry Islands communities.  I cannot see how five FNM Members of Parliament can sit idly by and say nothing in the face of this.

I have a special place in my heart for the workers of the Corporation who supported me during my tenure as President of the Union.  I would hate to see all that we have built up destroyed by the whims and fancies of a government that clearly does not have a clue what it is doing.  They do not care for people.

I implore all fellow workers in this country to stand in support of these persons, as undoubtedly their terminations will affect all of those who depend on them both direct and indirectly.  I ask my constituents and Bahamians of goodwill everywhere to stand with the workers of ZNS.

One hates to say: “I told you so”.  However, prior to the 2007 General Elections we, The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), warned the Bahamian public that if the Free National Movement (FNM) were re-elected their intention was to reduce the size of the public service. The FNM denied our claim.

Since the FNM’s election on the 2nd May 2007 thousands of Bahamians have lost their jobs due to the Government’s bad decisions, termination of contracts, and poor leadership. The FNM has been directly responsible for the dismissing people on the Police Force, Bahamas Customs, Immigration, National Insurance, Urban Renewal, and The Department of Housing. Now joining this list is ZNS.

In addition, it is my understanding that the Bahamas Telecommunication Company (BTC), The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), Bahamasair, and Water and Sewerage are next in the Government’s downsizing operations.

I condemn this FNM government for this insensitive act, and call on all workers in The Bahamas to stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters at ZNS.

It is obvious that this Government is unable to find ways in which to expand the economy, and create opportunities within the private sector to reduce unemployment, by making allowances for the absorption of workers that were displaced both direct and indirectly by them.

The Bahamian public has heard this Government say that there is nothing that can be done until the economy in the Unites States rebounds. Now, we see where the accuracy of information regarding our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), given by The

Governmentduring the last Budget exercise, is being disputed and our Debt to GDP ratio appears to be more than previously announced. Subsequently, to make up for their shortcomings, this Government wants to terminate workers, as opposed to expanding the economy.
If this Government was truly committed to the resuscitation, and ultimately the expansion of our ailing economy, why have they not considered a reduction in the size of The Cabinet and elimination of some Government Ministries if they are resolute in their decision to find effective means of cutting cost?

D. Shane Gibson J.P.
Member of Parliament Golden

Shane Gibson, MP tabling new documents exposing scandals at NIB. More than 211 days have passed since PM Hubert promised Parliament answers on NIB SCANDALS.


  1. Most people will admit that the previous Government hired persons at ZNS for votes. That corporation is so overstaffed that many persons had nothing to do so much so that they formed a choir and went performing. Is that what we were paying them for? ZNS gets a substantial amount from the taxpayers and all there ads etc are payed for by sponsers; what is done with the peoples’ money. The other privately stations don’t get Government assistance and are doing better than the Govt. owned station. I’m sorry for them but for too long we have paid them for wasting time and resources. Maybe now they would get a real job and really work like me in the private sector.

  2. i agree stan, im in freeport, was fired 4 time from the same job over a 12 years period, my monthly income was around 8-12 thousand per month The last time, I told them Im now “FIRE PROOF” i aint going back. I now own 2 business, have a $500,000 home, happily married, and big plans for the future. We must learn not to be afraid of thinking out the box
    we dont own these jobs,changes we must condition ourselves to. as for bp. he is to lost in manure all over

    • Thank you Charles, its up to persons like us to remind Bahamians that we shouldnot blame our Government for everything that goes wrong. Instead we should remember the words of a famous President that asked his nation to “not ask what my country could do for me but what can i do for my country”. In these times we must all be smart realise that the Governement doesn’t always have all the answers but its the country’s citizins that could always help.

  3. Yeah that’s how yinner treat Bahamians, “SORRY IF THE WORKERS AT ZNS DIDN’T PLAN.” Yeah Right It is there fault Hubert sending them him.

    Boy, I thought I’ll never say this, but some of us in this country are REAL JACKASSES YA KNOW STAN!


    • I am sure Bahamas press knows that the government sectors are over staffed and misran. Employees at ZNS knew what was going to happen, Bahamas Press would know how to manage employees and offer cost effectiveness of running this site and thats what ZNS have to do. No one puts up camp on any job they donot own and layoffs is apart of world economics, thats why educating yourself and bettering yourself for self ownership is vital. Many of the staff who is going to be let go have experience on running a media station and can now open their own businesses and be success stories just like Debbie Bartlett, Yvette Staurt and Paulette Zonicle instead of depending on government for everything. Soon to come Better Bahamas, Better workers, and better employees who care bout their jobs and who could open their own businesses and don’t need the Government for nothing accept to make money from them.

  4. The MP for Golden Gates is always looking for brownie points. The deal with ZNS has been talked about for over 5 yrs and infact started under Minister Vincent Peet, It has to be done. Sorry if the workers at ZNS didn’t plan. Hopfully they fire the ones who duck work, disrespect their supervisors, call in sick all the time and was a drain on my tax paid on government ran agancy.

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