Grand Bahama swings to the PLP and concludes “FNM Party Done!”



Candidate for Marco City, GREG MOSS, and Troy Garvey sets victory for the PLP in Grand Bahama.

Troy Garvey Tells Grand Bahama to Believe in the Bahamas and VOTE PLP

Freeport, Grand Bahama — It was another big BIG week for the PLP with just 22 days before election.

Bahamas Press can report that both parties came head to head in a big night of rallies. However, we can confirm the PLP Grand Bahama Gold Rush turned up to be the granddaddy of all events of the night.

Thousands upon thousands of Grand Bahamians boycotted the FNM COLOUR RED event and descended on the PLP’s field, which was like a second snapshot of Clifford Park.

We can confirm Hubert Ingraham felt like a defeated man when he passed the PLP’s MEGA GOLD RUSH EVENT, which was being held at the old Portion Control site in downtown Freeport.

When the Prime Minister ascended the stage, he immediately cut those at the podium from speaking, telling the moderator, “I AM READY TO SPEAK!”

However, at the PLP GOLD RUSH event, speaker after speaker resonated the theme: “GRAND BAHAMA GONE GOLD”! The messages sent rally attendees into a frenzy.

Speaking with a senior member of the PLP this morning, the party official said, “The tempo was high. We are going to win. The celebration seemed endless and, come May 7th, 22 days from now, the PLP will form the next government of the Bahamas!”

BP also spoke to an FNM senior MP today who wished not to comment at this time.

We also spoke with former Housing Minister Kenneth Russell who told BP, “From the looks of things on Grand Bahama right now, the Gold have it!”

The former Cabinet Minister was axed from the Ingraham Cabinet after asking a question at a town meeting on the island late last year.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham packed up his mini rally just after 10pm, while the PLP’s mega event was still in celebration mode and moving an evening concert late into the night!

The Prime Minister, we believe, will be beaten resoundingly by the PLP!

We report Yinner decide!

We report Yinner decide!