Grand Bahamians told to bring ID in order to collect food!?

Grand Bahamians on long lines looking for assistance following the passage of Hurricane Dorian.

FREEPORT| Grand Bahamians are feeling the worst kind of treatment from its government following Hurricane Dorian and, if you are a victim trying to recover, everything has just became even more difficult.

“BP, could you believe that, in order to collect your packages from Soloman’s Wholesale for the items being offered by NEMA, you must produce some form of identification in order to collect needed supplies? We who have lost everything but escaped with just the clothes on our backs are being denied food because we don’t have an ID? Look how they treating us in the Bahamas – like refugees!?”

Bahamas Press is calling on the operators of NEMA to please look into this dangerous ill treatment now being perpetrated on Grand Bahamians who are in desperate need at this most critical time.

Imagine if you walked for miles to get food, only to be told, “Where ya ID?”

We report yinner decide!