Grand Jury Investigating Copperfield Rape Claim



Magician David Copperfield. 

Hardbeatnews, WASHINGTON, D.C., Mon. Oct. 28, 2007: A federal grand jury has apparently been convened to investigate claims by a Seattle woman that she was raped and threatened by magician David Copperfield.

The Seattle Times quoted three federal law-enforcement officials as telling the paper anonymously that the grand jury investigation is underway.  

The 21-year-old woman alleges that Copperfield invited her to his estate in the Bahamas and raped, struck and threatened her, according to the Seattle Times report. She did not report the alleged incident to Bahamas police but waited until she was back in Seattle before filing her report.

So far no indictment or criminal charges have been filed against Copperfield. His attorney, David Chesnoff, insists his client “has never forced himself on anyone.”  –