Youthful FNMs Reach Out To The Elderly



GB Torchbearers gear up to launch the Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

Freeport Grand Bahamas – With care packages in hand, members of the Grand Bahama FNM Torchbearers Association launched its “Brother’s Keeper” initiative Saturday, delivering the packages to elderly residents of West and East Grand Bahama.

The community-based initiative, aimed at bringing love and assistance to elderly residents throughout Grand Bahama, was launched in the Western and Eastern settlements with plans by the association to extend the programme to all of the island’s constituencies.

Grand Bahama Torchbearers acting president Philcher Grant said, “The Grand Bahama Torchbearers Association is pleased to begin the first phase of our Brother’s Keeper initiative, handing out care packages to the elderly residents of West End, Freetown, Bevans Town and High Rock.

“As a youth political organization we understand that we have a social and civic obligation to give back to our community and assist those in need.

“We came up with the idea of the Brother’s Keeper initiative out of a realization that within any country there will always be persons who fall below the radar so to speak.

“While it is easy to point the finger of blame at certain sectors to say, ‘this is your problem, this is your responsibility’, the truth of the matter is that it is everyone’s responsibility to be our brother’s keeper.”

The Brother’s Keepers initiative is made possible through the support of the Free National Movement and private sponsors.