Greg Moss could resign as a member of the PLP and sit as an Independent MP just like Hubert Ingraham did in 1984….


Is history repeating itself once again in the PLP? Party VICEROY Davis and CANNONBALL Chairman Roberts are expected to descend on Grand Bahama this weekend….

Greg Moss is but the second Member of Parliament to be fired for NIB for exposing Corruption. The first was Hubert Ingraham.

Could Moss now be walking in the shoes of the former Prime Minister and be herald as a champion against CORRUPTION?

Nassau, Bahamas — Sitting deep in the belly of his Marco City seat today – Bahamas Press can reveal MP for the area and now former Chairman of the National Insurance Board has sent his party into severe turbulence.

Developments out of Grand Bahama now tell us Mr. Moss is meeting with his caucus in Grand Bahama and is taking sound advice from his constituents and advisors on the road ahead.

Subsequent to his termination from the Board yesterday, Moss is now only the second MP to have been fired from NIB in its history – the first was former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.

It was after Mr. Ingraham’s firing from NIB back in 1984, when he returned to Parliament as an Independent MP following the 1987 general elections. Mr. Ingraham began to herald the message of “Accountability” and openly challenge the former government on the message of corruption in Government.

We wish not to speculate that there is a repeat of history in play here, but if history is the true lesson for the present, Greg Moss could find himself an Independent when the Parliament resumes.

BP can confirm the Cannonball Strongman Chairman of the PLP, Bradley Roberts is being dispatched to Grand Bahama this weekend to scout the land and examine the developments. He we are told just may make a last ditch effort to Moss before tremours could follow in the Parliament.

PLP VICEROY, Philip Brave Davis, will also be on the ground in Grand Bahama this weekend and many believe the Party is attempting to squash any further damage to the Party.

PLP strongmen are headed to Grand Bahama this weekend...

Sources tell us there is already a move afoot in the Party to have Moss expelled and, from our vantage point, we wonder: why?

1)    Moss and his NIB Board discovered corruption and corporate malfeasance at the nation’s social security system.

2)    Moss and his Board alerted the country to these corrupt practises by the suspended Director Algernon Cargill and made it clear that he stood by his findings.

3)    For some reason it appeared that the Christie Government became edgy about the findings of the Board and up to January 1st, 2013 we remember how Cargill was on salary  – despite the fact that no one knows what in the hell happened with the $240,000 racked up by Cargill in the past three years on his corporate card.

The developments are disturbing to say the least and, in the end, Moss could be seen as a national hero for weeding out and exposing corruption at NIB.

How the Christie government would be seen for its action against a young New Generation leader of the Party is another debate.

What the Moss Board will now do will also be interesting because it is clear a new Chairman is headed to NIB – which now begs the question whether they will be truly loyal to their former Chairman.

All we say is this: Moss is in Marco City knocking from door to door and is prepared to put up a fight for his name.

We report yinner decide!