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Outside the courtroom, Smith said he has been called a traitor for representing Jean-Charles and those who face similar fates. The Supreme Court also ordered the unconditional release of six former detainees yesterday on the basis that they were unlawfully detained, and, while their status was in question, the men and women were never charged with a crime in court. Smith represents the group, and six more people in similar cases to be ruled on in just over a week.

“A lot of people savage me on social media and say I am a traitor; I am a seditionist and I am looking out for Haitians,” said Smith, his clients alongside him. “I ain’t no Haitian. I am a Bahamian. I only have a Bahamian passport, never had any other passport. I fight for rights in The Bahamas, so The Bahamas does not become a little petty, fascist, dictatorship like Haiti. That is why ‘Rights Bahamas’ fights for everybody’s rights, not for Haitians, not for foreigners, not for anybody except due process and the right to be treated equally as an innocent person in The Bahamas.”

Report from the Nassau Guardian


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