Haiti's Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis Makes Plea For $1B in Aid


tip_nyc_0413_02<<< A voodoo ceremony in Haiti whilst Bahamians Celebrate Easter. Voodoo believers take part in a ceremony on Monday 13th, to show their devotion to the spirits in Souvenance, Haiti. We at Bahamas Press believe if Haiti receives $50 billion from the world still nothing will change. It is public rituals like these that continue to send money into a BLACK HOLE! The country is on its belly, yet many still cannot accept the scripture which says, “Blessed is the nation whose God in the Lord!”

When women in Liberia held rallies titled, “PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL!” A Godly leader arose, sending Charles Taylor (The former leader) who fueled war and mayhem across that country into exile. The people began to be empowered once again and walked in progress! HAITI needs Change! A great nation shackled with Obeah! Bahamas, this should be a lesson us as well, “PRAY THE DEVIL (MUGABE) BACK TO HELL!”

Photo by Ramon Espinosa / AP

Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis of Haiti on Tuesday added her voice to a list of `Who`s Who,` gathering in D.C. to appeal for $1 billion in aid to help her struggling nation.

Pierre-Louis, the former director of FOKAL, an organization that supports democracy building through its support of the arts, said Haiti urgently needs money for new public services, jobs, investments and the building of roads.

“We are treading on very fragile ground,” Pierre-Louis said. “If no action is taken now the consequences will be catastrophic.”

She insisted that `investments in road infrastructures are required to connect parts of the country which have been isolated for centuries; in electricity which is essential to manufactures and tourism, but also to the million of little boys and girls who attend school today and will experience for the very first time, in this 21st century, the joy of studying in the evening by the light of an electric lamp rather than by the flickering flame of a candlelight.`

Representatives of about 40 countries and international agencies, including U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, were among those who gathered to plead for Haiti at a donor conference at the Inter-American Bank Tuesday.

The conference received pledges to provide $324 million in additional aid to Haiti over the next two years, of which $41 million is for budget support in 2009. This fresh assistance complements the financing previously committed by international community partners, who are currently supporting projects totaling $3 billion in Haiti.

Secretary of State Clinton for her part urged all to help, since `what happens in Haiti affects far beyond the Caribbean and even the region.`

`This small nation of 9 million people is on a brink … of either moving forward with the help of the collective community or falling further back,` she said. `And it, as well as this region, will be shaped to a large extent by the decisions that we make.`

She also revealed that the U.S. will provide $57 million to Haiti, consisting of $2 million to help train the Haitian police, $20 million for infrastructure jobs, $20 million to help pay off debt and $15 million for agriculture.

Clinton will visit Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago from April 16-19th.
Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, addressing delegates during lunch, said Haiti had always needed help but now the government has a sound plan that needs money to work.

“Haiti has a chance. The best chance in my lifetime,” he said. “Haiti has good leaders. Haiti has a good plan, only you can give it them the capacity to do it.”

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said debt cancellation could free up to $40 million a year for poverty-reducing and pro-growth spending in Haiti.


  1. @Joe Blow
    Joe now you know you cannot come on Bahamas Press with information from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is just what it is a WIKI. And for information to our bloggers a wiki in the internet world is a resource of information that can be change and change at random. Which means that same post you linked us to JOE, can be changed in seconds because anyone online can change it.

    Now that being said here is what is known by research from the Haitian Constitution, WITCHCRAFT was not listed nor any other religion is identified in its 1987 Constitution document. In its 1807 Constitutional document it was (SEE LINK) (http://pdba.georgetown.edu/constitutions/haiti/haiti1987.html)

    I am not aware of that being changed since. But noted below is a report on Haiti’s religious makeup from Encyclopedia Britannica a credible source of Information. Now Joe you know we expect better from you how many degrees you have now? Three or four?

    Haiti has no official religion; the constitution allows for religious freedom but gives special recognition to the Roman Catholic church. More than two-thirds of the population is Roman Catholic, and about one-fourth is Protestant. Since the 1970s some radical priests have espoused liberation theology, notably in the shantytown areas of Port-au-Prince and other towns, whereas the hierarchy of bishops has remained more conservative. Most Haitian Roman Catholics are also practitioners of voodoo (voudou, or vodun), a religion whose gods (loas) are derived from West African religions. However, most of the nation’s Protestants consider Christianity to be incompatible with voodoo.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. Some information: Roman Catholicism is the official religion of Haiti.
    Roman Catholics 80%, Protestant 16%. Most Protestants strongly oppose Voodooism. Voodoo is considered by most of us to be the country’s national religion. Approximately half of Roman Catholic Haitians practice some form of voodoo. For most, Voodoo is the service of family
    spirits and not the practice of magic or sorcery. Family spirits are thought to protect children from misfortune. Having said that, it is understood that there are several secret societies whose members practice sorcery. The Bahamas has a real dilema because our Christian belief tells us we are our brothers’ keeper but a little country like ours must concern itself with keeping its cultural identity. We must find a way to help Haiti become self-sufficient or we will end up losing our identity.

  3. When will these people learn that voodoo is not the answer and seek God for direction? All they doing is bringing harm upon themselves.

  4. BP, The Bible teaches that God is a jealous God. We were made to worship and serve him. That said, itès no wonder the Haitians are in such a poor state. What we need to do, is get them out of our country, because they bring their beliefs and practices to our family of islands and voodoo goes against everything we believe in as a Christian nation. Itès sad that in this day and age they live under the conditions they do, but we have to look out for our own. Bahamians are slowly being outnumbered in our own country. Am I the only one vexed by thisÉ….. I donèt think donations help because they have to change what is considered the bedrock of Haitian society…obeah and voodoo. Haitians need to turn to God with the hopes that something will emerge. Beyond that, there is nothing anyone can do.

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