Hiram Kelly Stop ya S#^! in Golden Isles! You ha get catch dis time and it ga soon be a police matter!


Bro Vaughan should warn ‘Dutty Kelly’ before he lands the entire party in a heap a problems…

Dirty and garbage gone to bed in the FNM’s Front Yard on Mackey Street! file photo

Nassau, Bahamas – There is a known FNM walking around these days in the community of Golden Isles, who we understand, according to our information, is seeking to coach voters to register more than once. We have it on tape!

Now Bahamas Press ga put the name out there so Brother Vaughan who is seeking the vote in the community could caution and stop ‘Dutty’ Kelly. We don’t believe dat ya real name anyway, knowing how some a ‘yinner’ does thief names!

Our intel into the constituency tells us that ‘Dutty’ Kelly was caught bouncing around the area, telling voters just go into the registration center and re-register under another name. The papers might be onto something when they suggest there is a mess inside the registration department, but notice dey ain’t telling yinner who is creating it! People like ‘Dutty’ Kelly dem are the ones doing da S#!^….Dis ain’t good!

We remember ‘Dutty’ Kelly from the last elections. He is known for playing some of ‘da duttiest’ games in the election business. We know you and you, ‘Dutty’ Kelly, are a known political HACK of the first order! STOP IT!

Now, before we spill all ya business and show the details of what we know, we ga watch you for another week before we break up dat section of the FNM TRICK MACHINE!

We report Yinner Decide