Holy Week and a Holy War inside the FNM!


Fort Charlotte MP Mark Humes kicked flat on his backside out of the FNM!

FNMs in Rolle shirts outside FNM headquarters last week!
PM Minnis

NASSAU| Its Holy Week and a Holy War is taking place in the FNM in Fort Charlotte. We have been receiving frantic calls from our source deep in the Executive Arm of the FNM Fort Charlotte Association of these developments.  

MP Mark Humes is being kicked out flat on his backside.  The Association told Prime Minister Hubert Minnis not to send Humes back under any circumstance. This was a welcome for PM Minnis, who also never really liked Humes.  The Executive told us that, “Humes  is a complete failure and is even worse than PLP turncoat FNM reject Andre Rollins.” 

The big nasty FNM fight is over who will replace lousy Mark Humes.   We understand The Constituency Association is 100% behind FNM Secretary General Serfent Rolle.  Rolle is a long time faithful FNM, who has been active and vocal in the FNM since his highs school days at Queen’s College. 

He has served as Vice Chair, Assistant Secretary General and now has risen to the post of Secretary General of the Party.  There is no doubting his FNM pedigree. 

Rolle is an Attorney and presently serves as the Deputy Chairman of URCA.  He has been working in the FNM during good times and bad times.    

Rolle has been fighting for the Fort Charlotte for years, and has been working with the Association to replace lousy Humes. 

The RED FNM Association on the Fort has made it clear to PM Minnis and the FNM Candidate’s Committee that if they don’t send Serfent Rolle they might as well not send anyone at all.  Rolle, they say is their man. 

Right now Rolle has even launched his campaign website www.rolle2022.com. And last week the FNM fort Charlotte Team was out in full force on Mackey Streets in their t shirts supporting Rolle. This is about to go down!

The problem is that for whatever petty reasons, PM Minnis does not want a loyal and faithful FNM Serfent Rolle anywhere in his soon to be Opposition FNM party. 

Dictator Minnis is ignoring his people in Fort Charlotte and blocking Rolle from getting the nomination.  Minnis does not want his own Secretary General who slaves to take care of the day to day administration of what remains of Minnis’ FNM.    

FNM Secretary General Serfent Rolle

Minnis is said to be trying to force a young inexperienced little boy in his office named Tevin Bannister on the Association. 

Bannister could barely buy himself a conch snack and nobody knows him but Minnis.  Well what is this?!

And there has even been talk of Drumeco Archer running in the seat, who everyone knows is dead broke and has been cussing the FNM government for the last three years for failing to show him respect and support sports.

Archer’s wife and family are die-hard PLP.  The FNMs in Fort Charlotte refuse to take it laying down and have told Minnis and his spineless crew Go-to-Hell and Hell No!  The Association is rejecting anyone not named Serfent Rolle

Since our last article back in February on the seat, Percy Roberts, owner of Geneva Brass, who was whispered as the replacement for Humes has since dropped out of the race.

BP is asking the question: What message is Minnis sending to long time FNMs?  

Is Rolle good enough to be a top party executive but not good enough to be a candidate?

Why does Minnis hate Serfent Rolle? 

What does Minnis have against old faithful FNMS? 

The FNMs in Ft Charlotte have made it clear that they will refuse to campaign this election.  They won’t work any polls.   They are tired of Minnis and his pettiness and spitefulness. 

It’s Holy Week and because of Minnis the FNM in Fort Charlotte is a holy mess!

We ga report and let yinner decide!

Punch first broke the story to the nation.