Home of Former Attorney General Ransacked by Bandits

Former Attorney General, Alfred Sears.

Nassau, Bahamas — The home of former Attorney General in the Christie Government, Alfred Sears, was ransacked and raided five weeks ago, according to the former Cabinet Minister.

Sears told the House in the middle of the day he left home on an errand. He said when he returned home a door on his patio was shattered and valuable items stolen.

Sears noted, “All of us feel the affects of crime that has gripped the country.”

He said thieves stole his family’s labtops, TV sets and a number of value items out of the home.


  1. I guess the thieves that stole from the former attorney general took those laptops and tvs to cash for gold too. Stop being stupid and investigate how cash for gold stores are regulated. Also check out the foreigner on Bay st. who runs one and who takes anything and everything from “his boys” in the hoods and gives all the other stores a bad name. Then you will see that most of the cash for gold stores are legit and helping poor and desprate people to survive under this cold, heartless and non-caring Ingraham administration. I hope the former Minister gets his things back

  2. The thugs shatter glass also? Wow, these dudes are determined. It’s almost time to move back home to the family island. Crime is everywhere but at least where I grew up on the island you can still sleep with your windows open and doors unlocked, even though I still wouldn’t take that chance.

    On another note, I heard the honourable A. Sears in the house. He delivered a great speech on behalf of his constituency. I didn’t know he passed through the Simpson Penn (Boys Industrial) at the time. Big turnaround. Sorry to hear about his home. Crime is indeed, everywhere!

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