Homicide #46 at home behind the Mall at Marathon…


Was it a plot and plan hatched to murder the owner of the home?

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NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting another homicide incident this morning where a male stabbed to death another following an altercation.

The incident records the country’s 46th homicide on record, which unfolded on Raymond Road; just behind the Galleria Movie Theater off Claridge Road.

We understand a male arrived at a residence in the vicinity around 12am this morning, which is the home of his “baby mama”, where a male responded at the knock on the door. Readers should note that this is unfolding during curfew hours.

The male inside the house approached the male at the door with a knife in hand. The male at the door, who is now suspect #1 in this homicide, is said to have successfully taken the knife out of the hand of the male who answered the door and stabbed him multiple times about the body.

That victim was taken via private vehicle to hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. (Well there is really no one in A&E to assist ya when ya reach anyway).

We understand police have the man who stabbed the other in custody and investigations are continuing.

Why did the killer go to the house at 12am in the morning when he does not live there, and a national curfew is in place prohibiting movement after 10pm. It is, therefore, safe to conclude that the killer went to the house with an intent to cause harm. And we wonder, what may have been the “BABY MAMA’s” role in all this?

Was the “BABY MAMA” in the home of the deceased man by invitation, and thus the plot to “get rid of him was hatched”. Investigators must look into all this. We hope police alert the media of this latest crime incident. We know they love to hide crime.

We report yinner decide!