Homicide #6 recorded after victim dies in PMH..


Innocent man who went to the shop the weekend of the eve of the NEW YEAR – Gets shot and life ended!

Nassau – Bahamas Press is now reporting the passing of a man, who was shot while at a convenience store on Zion Boulevard near the last day of 2017.

Readers would remember how we circulated that weekend how before 9:00pm on Saturday, 30th December, 2017, the victim was accosted by a gunman who entered the store and shot him before fleeing on foot. Looka DAT! An innocent resident who went to the shop for his New Years thing runs into a gunman and then shot. What is dis?

BP has identified the victim as Caswell Hanna, age 33 years of Kool Acers.

May his soul rest in peace…AMEN!