PM Minnis cannot collect the garbage in Bains and Grants Town after promising residents to do so over one month ago – WUTLESS DUTTY LEADERSHIP IS KILLING THE BAHAMAS!


The BLIND in Bain and Grants Town can see that the garbage goes uncollected in PM Minnis’ new inner-city plans!

Garbage piled up all along Bains and Grants Town right now…

Nassau – Even a blind man in Bains and Grants Town could not help but see the tons of garbage piled all along the roadways of the community.

Just in early December PM Dr. Minnis, along with two area MPs, held a Town Meeting to discuss plans to revitalize the inner city and propose new plans for the area.

Most residents like BP knew that the PM was talking his usual bag of hot wind.

The garbage is so high and plentiful that residents of King Street say a whole month has passed and even the stray dogs in the area are having difficulty running around it.

The garbage reminds us of the 1970s when the British People saw trash thrown all along the streets with the stench forcing an outbreak of disease.

The last time Minnis served in the Cabinet garbage went uncollected and there was the famous dengue outbreak, which took the lives of scores while leaving patients all along the floor of the Emergency Rooms at PMH!

Perhaps that kind of disaster must unfold again before PM Minnis dem will consider removing the trash alongside the road in Bain Town!

And guess what is amazing? The WUTLESS MEDIA in the Bahamas does not see this as an important story!

We report yinner decide!