Homicide #72 on Odle Corner across from Taylor Street! – Dollar shot dead Saturday night…

A man who goes by the name Javier Anderson aka “Dollar” was gunned down on Odle Corner across from Taylor Street Saturday evening. He became the 72nd homicide victim in the country.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting right now a homicide #72 off Odle Corner across from Taylor Street.

Some 25 round were fired in the direction of the victim who has been identified as Javier Anderson aka Dollar.

Meanwhile Bahamas Press understand there is a suspicious death investigation unfolding at the Emerald Bay Resort and Marina. A security officer at the property was found dead in the water around 5am this morning. He was discovered after he failed to respond to his radio and was found floating in the waters near the marina. Persons said it is believed he may have tripped and fell into the water but could not swim.

BP has identified the security officer as Mr Belvin. He had just told friends he was headed for a lil break away from the job next month.

We report yinner decide!