Homicide victim #20 Perry Louis laid to rest today…


Funeral services are presently underway at this hour for that T.A. Thompson Junior High School student who was stabbed to death off campus on March 26th.

Perry Louis was knifed to death by another student in the Pitt Road community around 4pm.

The incident is believe to be gang related.

We report yinner decide!


  1. This is SICK! What is a 14/15 yrs old doing in a casket? ? When I was younger, we had clean fights. You fight about whatever stupidness kids fight about and call it a day. Nowadays, kids travel with deadly weapons with the intention to END life! What is that for the SERIAL sickness? What? SATAN! DEMONIC!

  2. FS you are so wrong for your callous insensitive rantings. This young man was an innocent victim caught up in a gang warfare that was not of his doing. RIP master Perry. God speed!

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