Lady Phillipp Russell

A Letter to Da Editor

RE: HOMOSEXUALITY, the new Norm?

Dear Editor:

Please allow me to respond to a column published in The Tribune of (today) Monday,  November 14, 2011 titled: “Gays have rights too: The Caribbean dilemma” written by the travesty of a man that the British created, whom they call “Sir Ronald Sanders”.

It is one thing to be civilized, however, it is an entirely different matter to be Europeanized.  The Europeans did bring Christianity as a part of their civilization process, however, the decadent behaviour which was largely perpetrated under the disguise of religion was anathema to Christian values.

The giving of English titles to people of the African diaspora was merely an inducement to encourage European decadence rather than an acknowledgment of their human equality, yet sadly we embraced their trappings, as if it was “manna from heaven”. So much so that many of us began proselytizing our own people.

So-called “Sir Ronald Sanders” has apparently  taken it upon himself to become an international advocate for the Anti-Christ posture of replacing normalcy with the acceptance of homosexuality as a new norm. Why else would he be advocating the intellectual superiority of homosexual persons? Are they not already dominating most of the institutions of State and NGO’s in the Caribbean?

A brief overview of the realities of both The Bahamas and Barbados (two jurisdictions where Sanders’ columns are published) should make him ashamed to demand more achievements for homosexuals than they have already accrued to themselves, both openly and closetted.

Moving forward, the society must be alerted to the real agenda items masquerading under the guise of Human Rights, which were published and promoted as a 15 year plan
during The Gay Pride March on Washington DC  veiled by the following “rights” arguments:-
1. Demands for the repeal of all laws regarding sodomy!
2. Demands for the legalization of all forms of sexual expression including paedophilia!
3. Demands to change the age of consent to allow sex with minors!
4. Demands for public funding to cover Aids patients medical expenses!
5. Demands for public funds to cover sex-change operations!
6. Demands for the legalization of same-sex marriages!
7. Demands for legalization of adoption, custody and foster care within the same-sex marriage structure!
8. Demands for the inclusion of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgenders in education and childcare!
9. Forbid religious (now artistic) concerns regarding homosexuality from being expressed…already the case on radio/TV in Canada (and now England). This is done through “anti-descrimination” and “hate-crime” legislation.
10. Remove God from public life!  Source: Gay Pride March on Washington DC April 25, 1993.

The “enlightened and modern-day view” of the Public Health concerns which Saunders accuses the Church of Jesus Christ in the Caribbean as constraining political parties from adopting is nothing more than slippery semantics which we are spiritually and morally mandated to expose.  Our education in this regard began with the truth revealed by homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen outlined in the law review “Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth”, by Judith Reisman, (http://www.regent.edu/news/lawreview/articles/14 2Reisman.doc).  According to Kirk and Madsen, “AIDS gives us a chance, however brief, to establish ourselves as a victimized minority.”

Reisman further writes…”To hide the fact that most AIDS children appear to be infected by bi/homosexuals, the “World AIDS Day” artfully reports that “16% of adolescents with AIDS, aged 13 through 19. . .have been infected through heterosexual contact,” rather than that 84% of AIDS children are infected by male bi/homosexual sex abuse.”

Mr Roger Williams in an exhaustive piece titled: “TOWARDS A POLICY FRAMEWORK OPPOSING EFFORTS TO DECRIMINALIZE HOMOSEXUALITY” published in the Jamaica Star Forum on May 28th, 2009 gave brilliant arguments for consideration by one of CARICOM’s departments, PANCAP, when it indicated that it would in November 2008 be recommending to the region’s Attorneys- General the decriminalization of homosexuality and prostitution.  Strongly advising against such folly Williams wrote:

“Homosexuality (more correctly labeled Same-Sex-Attraction-Disorder) should be openly acknowledged as what it is. . . a mental disorder that should be medically and socially contained with every resource available to democratic populations and governments…..simply because it insidiously attacks very vital pillars of free communities. . . Manhood, Womanhood, Marriage, Family, Sex. . . and places children in harms way in an unprecedented manner, as well as being responsible for a phenomenally disproportionate degree of incidence and spread of disease and infection in accommodating populations.”

The agenda to decriminalize homosexuality in The Bahamas caught Bahamian church leadership and their flock asleep on the wall as our parliament stealthily passed the Sexual Offenses Act 1991 which removed the term “Buggery” from our Penal Code, while declaring Sodomy a normal sexual activity between consenting adults. However, the recent homosexual molestations and unpunished murders of Bahamian children have sidelined the aggressive political proposals by homosexual activists and silenced their sympathizers.

So-called “Sir Ronald” should take a good look in the mirror and re-assess his crusade if we are not to conclude that his intent is to further homosexuality in the rest of the Caribbean!!!


Phillippa “Lady” Russell




  1. Dear BP:

    I have no idea who posted this sick drivel in my name, but I would appreciate its removal.

    Thank you so much.

    The real “LADY RUSSELL”

  2. It is amazing that with everything that is going on in this country that we are still engaged in this debate. What appalls me more as a young Bahamian is the advocation that we use our already limited and thinly stretched resources to contain this problem when they are so many other vexing problems facing our nation. Homosexuality is a reality that every nation is faced with and regardless of their religous or cultural vies on the subject the bible still admonishes us to live peacably with all men. The Lord himself loves the sinner while not accepting the sin and for us to victimize these people unjustly goes against the very christian teaching we claim to be using to uphold what the bible says. At the end of the day you never know what may touch your household and if your kids engage in this activity will you still then advocate for the same treatment of them?

  3. It so amazing to see where we are going as a Christian nation, no matter how people reply back and forward about gays, there is a word that is written in stone that will never change, and that’s the word of God. Leviticus 20:13. Whether you are gay or not the coming of the Jesus Christ is near. He will always show grace to the sinner, but will never accept the sin. The wages of sin will always be death. God bless.

  4. Homosexuality is a mental disease. When I miss in touch my own crap, I wash thoroughly. When I see someone else’s crap, I turn my nose up and make up my face. You have to be out of your mind to play in it.

  5. Homosexuality is a mental disease. When I miss in touch my own crap, I wash thoroughly. When I see someone else’s crap, I turn my nose up and make up my face. You have to be out of your mind to play in it.

  6. I would venture to think that before we go all gung-ho and attack the gays that we should devote equal effort to fixing our nasty homes which are producing a bunch of bullchit kids hell-bent on murdering each other.

    This society needs to stop pointing fingers at the gays as the root cause of our social dilemma, such actions makes us look and sound stupid. What two consenting and sane adults do in the confines and privacy of their homes is really their business, and even if they venture out in public, so long as they don’t get bald naked, is their own affairs. If you don’t like what you see then don’t gaddam look.

    Unfortunately I feel this hatred of gays is influenced by both old and young females alike, whom seemingly feel that gay fellas are infringing on their turf. Whatever the reason, lets stop the bullchit and get on with nation building.

  7. Thank you most kindly for posting my letter, BP. It is so sad that the two daily Dinos (Guardian & Tribune)seem to be promoters of the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, yet lack sufficient conviction of their positions to allow for opposing commentary …”Throwing stones while hiding their hands” as Mama used to say. Who knows, perhaps their shameless Publisher will, as in times past, assemble her “Daughters of Sappo” to mount an assault. Looking forward to the possibility of such an event, with great anticipation!

    The comments on my Facebook wall have been most interesting. IMHO: A case study in Fallacious Logic! I am sharing my response to the most outrageous posts to my letter for your entertainment:

    @ Robyn Barnett et al.: “The camouflage of language can in no way mitigate the reality of same-sex attractions a.k.a. HOMOSEXUALITY- at any age!!!”

  8. this so-called Lady Phillipa (what a travesty) is nothing more than a horses behind! why dont she try to be an advocate for all this crime and murders going on in the Bahamas, rather than interferring in peoples private lives(of which i submit that she may quite well be a part of)im sure this woman could find more worthwhile and meaningful ways to fill her pathetic UNMARRIED life! ever wonder her REAL reason for bothering Millions of people that dont have her to even think of? im only commenting now because i and im sure many others are tired of her rantings on radio and in print. woman go get a life| get married if you cant find nothing else to occupy your time.. ..and NO , I am NOT gay!! but i do have much more to do than get in other people’s buasiness that doent concerbn me watsoever(at least that What she wants us to believe)

  9. This is very well written article.

    We are in the midst of a titanic struggle, that will determine if we will escape the coming onslaught of homosexuality, and give way and allow the flood gates to open and sweep us away.

    Or will we stand on the wall and protect my two sons 6 & 7 years of age.

    15 years I warned of the coming homosexual agend, and their attempts to redefine the family as we know it.

    Who will stand on this wall with me?

    • Thank you for standing! I pray that your sons will follow the example of their parents and always return to The Word of God, hid in their hearts as children.

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