House Handyman worked on Speaker’s home and on Nassau Village Park?


How much was House Handyman paid and who made the payments while work at Parliament went untouched?

House Speaker used Parliament’s Handyman to construct sheds on Nassau Village Park and work remains incomplete.

Nassau| Bahamas Press is now investigating some of the practices of House Speaker Halson Moultrie and we want him to answer some serious questions that we now put to the attention of the public.

BP has learned that the House Handyman, who we shall not name in this report, has been instructed to make repairs to the home of the Speaker of Parliament.

Did Speaker Moultrie pay that Handyman or were funds expended out of the House Budget? We want to know!

We also have evidence and display photos so members of the public can plainly see that the same House Handyman has constructed, by the assistance of Speaker Moultrie, sheds on the basketball court in Nassau Village.

The slack House Speaker has permitted the House Handyman to abandon his job at the Parliament where he is assigned in order to make repairs on these structures posted while his duties at the Parliament have been left unattended.

We want to know how was the Parliament’s Handyman paid for his service?

1 – What is the cost of the construction and repairs done on the Nassau Village parks?

2 – Will the House Speaker Halson D. Moultrie confirm or deny the House Handyman was directed to do work on the Nassau Village Park?

3 – Was the House Handyman paid out of the House Budget or was he paid out of the Constituency Budget?

4 – And why was the House Handyman – who is hired and paid by the taxpayers – permitted to show up during the normal business hours at a side job in NASSAU VILLAGE?

5 – What process was engaged to commit the scope of works for the project and how was the contractor selected?

We at BP have done our homework on this project and we await House Speaker Halson Moultrie’s answers to our questions.

Ya see how this thing goes … No Speaker can delete BP pictures.

We report yinner decide!