How did BIS knew NO ATTRIBUTION was requested with OBIE photos? Sharon Turner please answer us!


bis-copy.jpgBahamas Information Service said in a press release yesterday that the photographer who shot Obie Wilchcombe leaving the police complex in Freeport wanted no attribution on the published photos sent to the media.

Bahamas Press warns Bahamas Information Service that their press release is an error and advises the agency of the government to retract its statement forthwith.

The agency suggested that Sharon Turner, its deputy director and FNM official webmaster, was not involved in circulating the photographs to members of the media with Obie Wilchcombe outside the police complex on Grand Bahama. The photos appeared on website (

Bahamas Press warns BIS, to have the retraction on its release done by NOON 12PM THURSDAY. Failure to do so will result in us having no choice but to confirm and post the communication sent to members of the media on this blog.

Bahamas Press can prove that Turner not only circulated the photographs but also requested that “NO NAME” be attributed to them when they were sent 9:04PM on last week Friday. The photographs appeared on several websites and newspapers locally and around the world online internationally!


  1. That reminds me of a country i went to on my last holiday just 50 miles of the coast of Florida… There, the Country is so divided politically, that even the media was caught up in the storm. aside from them (media) being bias, they (media) tried their best do discredit the opposition party… Yet they never held the governing accountable for anything… Every headline in the local dailies praised the government for doing a terrible job, or ridiculed the opposition for being just that, the opposition.

    The government cared less for how the people felt after embarking on a campaign of firing people for no good reason… Putting thousands of people on the unemployment line, the lost of jobs not only affected the citizen directly but it affected their families and their neighbourhood and the list goes go…. Well things got so bad this country that citiazans started to do the job on the media…. form the average guy on the street to the wealthy businessman, they all decided that it was time for the government to be held accountable for their bad decisions.

    They first went to the websites that was pro government and voiced their concerns on the blogs…. to be continued….

  2. Byline refers to a written article No byline means there is no accompanying article to go with the photos. I still see no direct evidence that she took the photos and/or sent them to TMZ. I will give you though, if she did so, she was wrong and using her position to do so is a reason to “fire” her. There must be undeniable proof that that is true. You continue to miss the point. Those pictures came after the fact of the interview given to the foreign media by OW. The photos themselves have no relevance to the court case. I don’t know this woman but I do believe in the aspect of fairness.

  3. Joe Blow you still trying to protect this gal? Get real man this getting old. Give up. She wrong. YOu cant read aye? Dont you see the email says “no byline”??

  4. WISDOM: There is no law that has been enacted that says one cannot take photos of any person without the express permission of the person being photographed. In fact, the photograher has more rights to the picture than the subject. Even were the subject to ask for and been given the picture, he/she then cannot reproduce it (especially if money is involved) without the written permission of the photographer.
    Media: Your reproduction of the e-mail does not show the request that no name be attributed to the pictures that were sent, by whomever, to TMZ.

    Having received the e-mail from your source, you, yourself, could have forwarded it with any message or addition you wished.(I am not accusing you of having done so) As to others’ allegation that somehow the foreign media got into this whole thing because of these pictures sent to MTZ; that is hog-wash”. The Miami Herald printed the first story the previous Sunday and OW’s reply to the foreign media followed on the Wed, even before the pictures were taken of him.
    Tristan: I would refuse the appointment no matter which of the 2 Partys offered. Thanks for your vote of confidence though.

  5. You right Drama King, but I said “it appears” …It appears as if the two PLP members wanted to dance away into the sunset with their pockets “Greased” in Lighting flash time.

  6. LOLLLLLLLLLLL……….Wisdom behave, man. You killing me…lol…They innocent man….lolll….Lets wait til they get to court. Let’s hear the evidence.

  7. “Grease Lighting” Like John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, struck it rich with the musical production “Grease Lighting,” It appears as if the two PLP members wanted to dance away into the sunset with their pockets “Greased” in Lighting flash time.

  8. Joe Blow :
    Just perhaps BIS was alerted to the ATZ blog and her name under the pictures. An enquirey was then made and the site administrator sent a copy of the letter from the original photographer? How do I know? I am not privy to such things. If you are it will be exposed Thursday at noon. Even then, should we believe it because we are very aware there are people out there who can “hack in” and produce “evidence” that looks real.

    Well you just don’t know how got Sharon’s name on those photos hey? You just don’t know, but your are quick to dismiss how we got the photos from Turner. And in your BLIND DECEPTION you talk about stealing IM and documents being made to look real? WOW, what “cockeyed” logic you have JOE BLOW, but like we said, what we have is authentic and that is JUST HOW HER NAME GOT ON TMZ.COM and equally so that is the same way they appeared on the front pages of the Nassau Guardian. I still cannot see how an agency of the government can circulate photos around the globe and then send out a press release saying that the photographer don’t want his name on the photos. Well it is cetain did not obey that ech?

    Bahamas Press/editor

  9. Just perhaps BIS was alerted to the ATZ blog and her name under the pictures. An enquirey was then made and the site administrator sent a copy of the letter from the original photographer? How do I know? I am not privy to such things. If you are it will be exposed Thursday at noon. Even then, should we believe it because we are very aware there are people out there who can “hack in” and produce “evidence” that looks real.

  10. I first read about the extortion charges on Sunday the 18th. There was a brief article in the Miami Herald. The question that could be asked, “Who leaked that?” By Thursday, BP was arrested and OW had already contacted the U.S. media and did a verbal interview that was presented that day. Why? If he is such a good friend of the Travoltas, he should have known that their lawyer and spokesperson were the proper persons to comment on any allegations- not himself. The question to ask is when did Ow know about the allegations and who informed him? Why did he find it necessary to comment at all? When he was arrested and brought
    in for questioning, his name had to have been brought up by either PB or Lightbourne or the Travoltas. Why? I have no idea whether or not Turner took the pictures of OB or released them or sent them to that blog. BIS denies it and I have no more reason not to believe them any more than I have a reason to believe or not believe BP. My comment on this site was to discover what reference these pictures of OW had to the case. I agree that BIS is an information centre for news about the Bahamas to be distributed to the public and should not be a news gathering media. Some photographer was certainly on the job taking pictures of OW, as his arrest and questioning was “news.” It was news for the Bahamas, not for the world! The Miami Herald had called no names as to the extortionist but did allude to the fact that it was a Bahamian government official/lawyer. Still my question remains what does the releasing of pictures of OW have to do with the alleged charges against Ms.PB? How that gets to be a denial of anything I can’t fathom. And pray tell what am I denying? Then I ask, what have the alleged criminal charges got to do with an FNM government? Do diehard PLPs see everything in their lives as politically motivated? Are they so entrenched in their beliefs that they think that everything in this world happens as a direct result of their Party persuasions? Not everyone in this country are FNM or PLPs or of any other political persuation. There are a lot of us who try to look at situations with a dispassionate logical view and then comment on them. I have come to the conclusion that many of you PLP bloggers are super paranoid and that interfers with the good common sense I know you were born with

    • Therefore with all that said JOE BLOW, can you tell us, after reading the BIS press release, how did they know that the photographer did not want any attribution? Can you explain to us, HOW DID THEY COME TO THAT CONCLUSION?

      And please NO EPISTLE PLEASE!Use those methodical and logical skills of yours and answer that for us please. Again, a short answer will suffice.

      Bahamas Press/ Editor

  11. Joe Blow. Firstly Sharon Turner broke the Law. Secondly, she is destroying the Country reputation. Thirdly, she is a Government official, so the Government is at fault for destroying its own rep. Fourthly, she is the FNM Webmaster, If you remain in denial, it would be confirmed that you are one of the typical FNM senseless supporters.

  12. Ronica7 you are right ! The FNMs are in denial. I honestly feel they are behind all of this. Now I am not saying the incident didnt take place – that’s all to be determined when this trial takes place – but I KNOW it was the FNM who blew it up so big and got the internatnional attention. Because they are so damn drunk with power and full of revenge and strife, they failed to see in advance the damage it will do to us as Bahamians or they just dont care.

  13. BP we all know that the FNM put the pic out there. For them to deny it wont really matter because the PLP has such poor PR that it probably will not get any attention from them. The PLP dont know how to fight back. It seems as if they just hoping the story wuld go away as soon as possible.

  14. Media or Joe Blow, I have a QUESTION. Wasn’t there was a Law just passed in parliament to prosecute individuals who takes other people picture, without the individual knowing, to publish? This is a Law just passed in parliament!!! I now see why the Lady did not want her name published. But this is why criminal’s feeds justified in their profession. Yes, crime is becoming a profession in this country.
    However, if what BP is saying is true, it makes it look like this entire Travolta thing was staged like “ANNA NICHOLE” to destroy the PLP. Don’t get me wrong, I was and maybe still a strong FNM supporter, but daily my eyes are opening to the different philosophies of the two parties. The PLP have some bad ways, but I must admit they show more interest towards local Bahamians. The FNM caters more to foreign influence.

  15. This is sweet as wer now see that the foreign press could not give two hoots about our politics but is attacking the Bahamas.The FNM operatives must now do all in their power to cleanup the countries good name.They are so mad with power that they have put everything at risk.God is still in cintrol and the actions of the FNM is proving quite embarassing to the country.Our Courts must still decide the evidence based on facts and not political preferernce.Min Russell is between a rock and a hard place as his wife is the twin sister of Sen Bridgewater and blood is thicker trhan water.I need to hear the evidence because as I stated on another web site the charges dont make sense as theye are duplicitous.

  16. Joe blow is the typical fnm. Anytime the fnm is at fault it is always a “tempest in a teapot” that is what the tribune editor called
    the mona vie scandal. You guys are pathetic

  17. JR:lol…I know BP setting a trap, man, but the anticipation is killing me, man. Thank God I am my own boss as I hardly doing any work.

  18. Joe Blow you need to sit down and sip on some STRONG STRONG coffee. Get real !!! Sending the pictures to FOREIGN PRESS or TABLOID is the matter at hand here and then DENYING IT. First she sent them to the media then she sent them overseas. You know exactly what we dealing with here so dont play crazy!!! You in this gal fan club to eh?

    SHE IS WRONG!! Accept it!!! At least Bridgewater and Wilchcombe’s evidence will come out in the case but this girl hands are all over everything NOW !! No GOVERNMENT INFORMATION OFFICER should be sending information about this country outside of this country and ESPECIALLY to a tabloid !!!

  19. What difference does it make to the case on hand or anything else who took these pictures or to whom they were sent or by whom. The pictures only depict the various mood of OB during a brief interlude at the police station. They do not materially affect the charges against PB. And who is BP to make demands of BIS? This is all “a tempest in a teapot.” Get on with the CHANGE you so like to talk about!

  20. Drama, how long you been on BP and don’t know when BP laying a trap? Man BP know they won’t issue no retraction so I wouldn’t even fret waiting for it. What I will wait for is BP to drop it on them. They know you got them by the balls BP, and you got them good. You see how the media won’t even run anything on the fact that the gal’s name is on TMZ for taking the photos? They know plenty people don’t go online to see for themselves. Boy these people stupid. Media, I know you building up to something man but can I suggest you just give us little snips like this morning. You see how Media tell them what time they sent the email. You need to show who got it too.

  21. BP you gave them too much time to do the retraction, man. You shoulda say 12 noon today. I sitting here waiting for them to be exposed.

    Man I ga turn into an alcoholic by the time you expose dem. I done drink two case of Kaliks since this broke and get two free Kalik Calendars. Rescue me, man!! Print the communication….I wan’ see.

  22. BP, you do your homework well. I hope BIS does not do a retraction as I really want to see this communication. Expose them for the FRAUDS that they are!!!

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